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A look into Bradford’s musical heritage

Bradford Noise of the Valleys

(l-r) Authors Matt Webster and Gary Cavanagh hold a book-signing at Waterstones

Bradford’s deep-rooted music scene between the years of 1988 and 1998 has been brought back to life in the second volume of Bradford’s Noise Of The Valleys.

Written by Gary Cavanagh and Matt Webster, Bradford’s Noise Of The Valleys Volume Two is an in-depth study of local music history and details over 5,000 local musicians and over 1,000 bands, ranging from Tasmin Archer to Terrorvision.

Similar to the first volume released around seven years ago, Bradford’s Noise Of The Valleys Volume Two even features individual profiles of hundreds of bands and artists and many local clubs and venues, packed with photos, articles, posters and images during the ten-year period.

Author Mr Cavanagh told the Yorkshire Standard: “People don’t really realise that the music culture of Bradford is second to none.

“The amount of music that came out of Bradford was brilliant and there was so much talent in the area that the music blew me away.”

A former vocalist with local rock band Phobia, Mr Cavanagh has been involved in the local music scene since the mid 1970s.

With Mr Webster – who was a drummer in numerous local bands since the early 1980s – the duo took on the hard task of researching the history of Bradford’s local music scene.

It took around four and a half years to complete the book and at times, some singers, bands and acts were difficult to find.

Mr Cavanagh explained: “To some extent, obscure bands were hard to track down even though some people were easy to get hold of.”

Bradford’s Noise Of The Valleys Volume Two was released as a companion to a 6 CD box set, which contains more than eight hours of music from over a hundred local artists featured in the book.

“I am really proud to have helped promote Bradford in a positive light, and so proud of Bradford’s musical history,” said Mr Cavanagh. “I want it recognised.”

Mr Cavanagh and Mr Webster have plans to publish Volume 3 in the future, which will focus on the years of 1999 to 2009.

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