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Santa’s 21st century ‘gadget sleigh’ designed in Wakefield

Santa Gadget Sleigh

Santa’s old-fashioned wooden sleigh has been exchanged with a gadget sleigh that includes GPS navigation and rocket boosters.

Wakefield-based online metal retailer Metals4U has created the Gadget Sleigh 900 (GS-900), which comes equipped with the latest gadgetry and mod-cons to make a trip around the world a little bit smoother.

It includes GPS navigation, parking sensors, a pin-point chimney camera as well as heated seats to ensure Santa is warm during his icy cold trips.

The sleigh also comes with added made-to-measure technical features including a convertible roof and eco-friendly rocket boosters.

Santa Gadget Sleigh

It even boasts an integrated sound system with a Christmas Spotify playlist.

Fred Rowlands, director at Metals4U, said: “We really felt Santa needed and deserved this. This shiny new model will provide him with the opportunity to get around the world in more luxury than ever before, on what must be a stressful night to say the least, as well as giving Rudolf and the others a bit of a rest.

“We wanted to keep the old-school shape of the sleigh and then kit it out with as much modern day gadgetry as we could get out hands on.”

Mrs Claus left a positive review on the sleigh, writing: “The GS-900 is far better than the wooden sleigh and also much safer. He’ll get back from his trip much earlier this year which is great as I always give him a little treat on his return! I know that Santa really excited and can’t wait to trial the sleigh although now he will probably gain even more weight from the mince pies.”

The sleigh costs £199,995 and can be found at

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