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Bradford schools had the most absences in West Yorkshire during 2012-2013

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Government statistics have revealed that primary, secondary and special schools in Bradford had the highest number of absences in West Yorkshire during 2012 and 2013.

Released by the Department for Education on 25 March, the figures highlighted the levels of overall, authorised and unauthorised absence in primary, secondary and special schools.

The results – which followed six half-term periods – also recorded statistics on persistent absentees and pupil characteristics.

Bradford had the highest number of overall absences in West Yorkshire with 5.7%, compared with an average of 5.3% nationally and 5.4% regionally.

The percentage of unauthorised absences was also the highest in the county with 1.8%. Furthermore, out of 75,542 pupils who enrolled in Bradford during the year, 4,397 pupils were recorded as persistent absentees.

Wakefield closely followed the percentage of overall absences with 5.6%, which also had the highest number of authorised absences in West Yorkshire.

Leeds came third with the number of overall absences at 5.4%, but Leeds also had the highest number of persistent absentees in West Yorkshire with 4,509 out of the 90,825 pupils who enrolled.

Calderdale and Kirklees had the least number of overall absences and Calderdale was recorded to have the least number of persistent absentees throughout the year compared to the other four regions.

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