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Crossley Heath pupils bring engineering to life

Crossley Heath Bosch Roadshow

Jack Headlong and science communicator Rob Wix test out a hovercraft

Students at Crossley Heath School have been given the chance to explore how technology works, thanks to a local manufacturing plant.

Bosch UK, which has a manufacturing plant for the Greetland brand in Halifax, launched a roadshow in response to research that found many secondary school students were not considering engineering as a future career, because they felt they didn’t know too much.

To help students learn more about the way things work, Bosch UK took a roadshow to Crossley Heath School to help students find out how everyday essentials such as heating systems, car engines and hydraulics work.

Headteacher Wendy Moffat of Crossley Heath School said: “We place great importance on STEM subjects at Crossley Heath School and so were delighted to host the roadshow which really brought engineering to life.”

The roadshow was made fun and engaging, so it could appeal to students and help them learn in the process.

Mrs Moffat added: “Yorkshire has a great tradition of manufacturing and with Bosch having a base here in Halifax, we are keen work with local employers to support our students in choosing a career path, which offers them a diverse and rewarding future.”

According to graduate careers website Prospects, the UK employs more than eight million people in the engineering and manufacturing industries, making it the seventh largest manufacturing nation in the world.

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