Published On: Wed, Jun 25th, 2014 on 4:00 pm

Plans to re-train retired workers as teachers supported by teaching agency

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A supply teacher agency based in Wakefield has shown support to government proposals for retired workers to re-train as teachers.

The proposals were put forward by a panel of senior Conservatives, known as the 2020 Group, tasked with coming up with a range of policies for the party’s election manifesto.

They came up with the idea of re-training retired workers after Prime Minister David Cameron warned that too many teenagers were leaving school with inadequate qualifications in maths and English.

The newly proposed scheme hopes to use the skills of recently retired workers to fill teaching gaps and to raise standards in the sector.

The news has been welcomed by supply teacher agency PK education.

Commenting on the potential need to re-train retired workers, Karl Housley, director of PK education West Yorkshire, said: “Many of these individuals have often undertaken dynamic and stressful jobs with huge workloads and have retired early due to the success in their field they have had.

“They are computer literate and can easily manage the demands of modern education, so it is improper to dismiss this idea from the offset assuming these retired workers are ‘over the hill’.”

Mr Housley argues that there are not enough individuals currently pursuing a career in teaching and this short fall has to be made up somewhere.

He said: “This proposed new initiative by the government could encourage those people who excelled in maths and sciences in the private sector to re-train as teachers and enter education, which is something our academic system desperately needs.”

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