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Bradford first place in UK to trial device to control bleeding peptic ulcers

Hemospray Bradford

(l-r) Nurse Bindu Poulose, nurse Michelle Ives, Dr Sulleman Moreea, and nurse Cath Shaw aid a patient

Hemospray Bradford

Nurse Cath Shaw with the Hemospray device

Hemospray BradfordHemospray Bradford

The city of Bradford has become the first place in the UK to trial a new surgical device that controls bleeding peptic ulcers.

Known as the Hemospray, the new device applies a powder which stops ulcers from bleeding and helps patients avoid open surgery and long hospital stays.

Dr Sulleman Moreea, the UK’s chief investigator for the trial, said: “Traditionally, the way doctors treat bleeding ulcers in the stomach and duodenum is to use an endscope to inject adrenaline and to cauterise or stem the blood-flow through the use of medical clips.

“This technique can be technically demanding and difficult. If the bleeding can’t be controlled, the patient will have to be transferred to the operating theatre for major surgery which is usually always followed by a long stay in hospital to recuperate.”

The Hemospray trial is part of the HALT study, which is a multinational study funded by a pharmaceutical company in the United States that also involves centres in Hong Kong and Holland.

Dr Moreea added: “If the Hemospray proves effective in this current study then further research will be carried out to directly compare the powder against the current techniques of adrenaline, cauterization and clips.

“If the Hemospray proves less successful than we think it will be, doctors will use the current endoscopic and surgical techniques to stem the bleeding.”

Eight people have been screened so far and three patients have been recruited since the study began in February.

The hospital hopes to recruit 10 patients in total over the next five months.

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