Published On: Fri, Oct 10th, 2014 on 11:41 am

Calderdale smokers could avoid litter fine by attending stop smoking sessions

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Smokers who are caught dropping their cigarette end could be given the option to attend stop smoking sessions rather than pay a fine.

If the scheme is approved by the Cabinet on 13 October 2014, Calderdale Council will be the first local authority in England to implement it.

Council staff will be able to offer smokers the option to pay the fine or get help to quit from the local specialist NHS Stop Smoking Service.

The scheme will help smokers save money by avoiding the fine but also on the cost of buying cigarettes. It will also aim to decrease the level of smoking-related litter in the environment.

Anyone who is caught dropping a cigarette end are issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80, payable within 14 days.

Cllr Janet Battye, chair of the Calderdale Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “This is a really innovative scheme which is giving people other opportunities to help and encourage them to stop smoking.

“We know that we have an above average number of smokers in Calderdale and that this causes health problems both to the smokers themselves but also to their friends and families.”

People will need to be committed to attending the stop smoking sessions, accessing support at least once a week for a minimum of four weeks.

A ‘quit date’ will be determined for about four weeks after the date of the smoking-related offence.

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  1. Avana Beach says:

    I suppose that the next step is that anyone who drops a newspaper could be send on a ‘Stop reading Trash’ course

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