Published On: Mon, Jan 19th, 2015 on 12:01 am

‘Depression’ Googled by someone in Leeds every two minutes, according to research


Every two minutes someone living in Leeds Googles the word ‘depression,’ according to research.

Independent mental health provider Priory Group claim Leeds residents make over 20,000 searches around ‘depression’ every month.

The findings follow figures released by the Office for National Statistics that showed that nationwide, over 15 million working days are lost every year due to stress, depression and anxiety.

In an average month last year, 49,500 searches were made by people wanting to take a test to see whether they were depressed.

There was a significant increase in search volumes across ‘depression’ and ‘stress’ through October, November and December.

Based on the trend, Priory Group forecasts that January 2015 will see over one million searches around ‘depression’, an 11% increase from last year.

Dr Jeanette Downie, deputy medical director and consultant psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Glasgow, said: “The continued stigma around mental health encourages people to use the non-judgemental search bar of Google.

“I see some highly successful people who are terrified of others finding out that they are depressed or stressed, and feel they have absolutely ‘failed’ by being ill. They often wait until they are really unwell before they come to the Priory for help.”

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