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Hearing aid consultants visit Halifax for the 43rd year

St Johns Hearing Aid

(l-r) Richard O’Neill and Tim Jones hold up hearing aids

Halifax residents have benefited from valuable hearing loss advice as consultants have taken their traditional trip to the town for the 43rd year.

On 7 February, members of the public were given the chance to get free advice from St John’s Hearing Aid Centre at the Halifax Central Library.

A pop-up exhibition also displayed important information on hearing loss and which hearing aid instruments are available if they are needed.

It’s been yet another successful year for the Cumbrian-based centre, who visit Halifax every eight weeks to help the local community.

Tim Jones of St John’s Hearing Aid Centre, told the Yorkshire Standard: “We have quite a steady flow of people coming in and people tend to come back if they’ve been supplied with hearing aids. We always want new people to come too.

“We like to offer help on a personal level, and don’t stick to say, one shop.”

St John’s Hearing Aid Centre worked alongside the NHS Clinic at the library for many years, shortly before the clinic moved up to the local hospital.

Yet, the centre carries on the tradition by coming to Halifax town on a regular basis, offering a range of help and advice as well as offering information about hearing instruments, which are fitted to comply with the Hearing Aid Council Act of 1968.

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