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Leeds is nation’s biggest spender on fitness

Heart Rate Monitor

Items such as heart rate monitors were analysed as part of research

The people of Leeds have been crowned the biggest purchasers of health and fitness gadgets in January, according to research analysing online shopping habits.

The survey carried out by product comparison site, looked at 50 regions across the UK and looked at the sales of kits and accessories such as pedometers, cross-trainers and dieting supplements.

Leeds came in first place, coincidentally also being crowned the most health conscious in January, closely followed by Cardiff and Edinburgh.

The research has suggested that there could be a correlation between physical activity and the purchasing of fitness gadgets, as areas such as Leeds, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge all rank in the Top 10 most active cities in the UK.

Erik Lorentz, Head of Communications at, said: “As January is seen as ‘the’ month to get fit, and we naturally saw a spike in searches around fitness gadgets, we were curious to see which area of the UK is most serious about getting into shape. Unfortunately, we can’t track how many of these athletes keep to their new year’s resolutions!

“We were able to conduct the study as we price compare over 50,000 health and fitness gadgets, to ensure we have our finger on the pulse.”

The other area from West Yorkshire listed in the research was Bradford, which was ranked at the bottom of the list coming in 49th place just ahead of Wolverhampton that also came in 42nd place (out of 43) in the UK Sport Participation Survey.

The Top 10

1. Leeds

2. Cardiff

3. Gloucester

4. Manchester

5. Oxford

6. Birmingham

7. Liverpool

8. Southampton

9. Cambridge

10. Winchester

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