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Plain packaging for cigarettes and tobacco products welcomed in Kirklees

Dr Judith Hooper

Dr Judith Hooper, director of public health for Kirklees Council, welcomes the review

Kirklees Council has welcomed news of plain packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products, which could be introduced in the UK next year.

Also known as standardised packaging, plain packaging would mean that cigarettes would be sold in the same standard packaging, showing the brand of the product and a large health warning.

Yet all the key security features on existing packs of cigarettes would remain including coded numbering and covert anti-counterfeit marks.

An independent government review was conducted last week – known as the Chantler review – and showed that there is a strong public health case for the policy, also arguing that the measure would go to preventing the uptake of smoking amongst young people.

The review has been welcomed by Judith Hooper, Director of Public Health for Kirklees Council, who said: “It is clear that the health consequences of smoking have a significant impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities within Kirklees.

“This policy is not about smoking in adults, who tend to be brand loyal, but will help deter children from starting to smoke as they can be easily influenced and attracted to the variety of cigarette packaging currently available.”

Standardised packaging of cigarettes was first introduced in Australia in December 2012.

Soon after the packs began to appear in Australian shops, smokers reported that they found cigarettes from plain packs less appealing or satisfying.

The tobacco industry argues in opposition to the findings, and claim such packaging will lead to a rise in illegally smuggled cigarettes in the UK.

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