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Student nurse puts heart and soul in ‘The Care Maker’s Song’

Samuel McPhail

Samuel McPhail

A student nurse from Leeds has taken his song to the highest levels of the NHS in a bid to raise money for charity and highlight the importance of care.

Samuel McPhail, 32, has released a song named ‘The Care Maker’s Song’ with all proceedings going towards the Yorkshire Cancer Centre charity.

He wrote the song to help himself remember the ‘6Cs’ of healthcare – care, compassion, commitment, courage, communication and competence – and it will now help others to follow them too.

Mr McPhail told the Yorkshire Standard: “I often go and speak in front of people in universities and NHS staff and tell them about the 6Cs and help them remember it too.

“I was sat at the piano one night and played an arrangement of chords, and then sung the 6Cs. So it was a light-hearted take on something incredibly important, as the 6Cs help us remember where our priorities lie.”

‘The Care Maker’s Song’ was produced at no cost with the help of NHS Employers, and professional composer and filmmaker Jonathan Wright, who volunteered his time as thanks for receiving care following a heart attack last Christmas.

He said: “I felt scared and vulnerable when I had my heart attack before Christmas last year. Fantastic, attentive NHS care got me ship-shape again, psychologically and physically.”

Mr McPhail is one of over 1,000 ‘Care Makers’, who in addition to their regular NHS work, volunteer to promote the 6Cs laid down in NHS England’s Compassion in Practice three-year strategy.

He said: “If this song helps people to consider how they give care, or the kind of care they’d want to receive, then this can only be a good thing.

“The song also aims to raise money for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre charity which Dr Kate Granger supports and raises money for.”

Karen Charman, director of engagement at the NHS Employers organisation, added: “Unexpected gems like Samuel’s song are a small but useful complement to ongoing work that’s driving-up professional standards in the NHS.”

The charity single, which was launched in front of the Royal College of Nursing Congress on 17 June, is now available on iTunes.

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