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14-year-old describes being ‘groped’ by Jimmy Savile in Leeds hospital

A young teen who was groped by Jimmy Savile at Leeds General Infirmary is one of six victims who have come forward to investigators.

Jimmy Savile 2006

The boy, known as KM, was 14 at the time and was approached by Savile whilst waiting for an X-ray in 1994.

He told investigators he had been taken to the X-ray department on his own and was left sitting in a wheelchair wearing a dressing gown.

“I bet that’s cheered you up”

He said: “He came and lent over me and told me to cheer up and said, ‘Things can’t be that bad’.

“He put his hand on my leg, as he said it and then all of a sudden just moved his hand under my gown because I had a hospital gown on, I just had me dressing gown draped over me, put his hand on my genitals and squeezed them.

“It wasn’t a long time and then looked at me and said, ‘Now then I bet that’s cheered you up’.”

The teen said he had come forward to make it clear Savile had also abused male victims.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust investigation team were provided with a further eight names, six victims and two witnesses, following the publication of a new report.

It is claimed that Savile abused 60 people at the hospital over a 50-year period.

“Savile would often make unannounced visits”

An independent report for the Secretary of State for Health mentioned how Savile “wandered freely about the hospital and had access to wards and clinical areas during the day and at night.”

The report also said: “Savile would often make unannounced visits to wards and departments. His visits included the accident and emergency resuscitation room, visiting wards to accompany clinical staff in wards rounds.”

Savile first gained entry at the hospital by helping with the hospital radio service and he then went on to work as a volunteer porter.

He had the privileges of a parking space and a series of offices.

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