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19-year-old released on bail after alleged Koran-burning video

The Meaning Of The Glorious Quran

The Koran burned by the suspect was, or was similar to The Meaning of the Glorious Qur’an written by M.M. Pickthall.

A 19-year-old from Leeds, West Yorkshire, who was arrested in connection with an offensive video he posted on a social media website has been released on bail.

A video, which was shared to the Yorkshire Standard, showed a man ripping apart an English translation of the Koran with his teeth and putting it in the toilet before burning it.

The police arrested the suspect on 27 December after people raised concerns for the safety of the person who had posted the video up following a number of public comments made in response to it.

People also called the police complaining about the offensive nature of the video.

The suspect was arrested from an address in Beeston, Leeds, on suspicion of a racially or religiously aggravated public order offence.

Superintendent Mabs Hussain, of Leeds District Police, said: “Due to the nature of this offence, any decision to charge must be taken by the Director of Public Prosecutions. We are currently preparing an advice file which we will be submitting to the Crown Prosecution Service in due course. In the meantime the arrested man has been released on bail to an alternative location.

“We are aware of strong feelings expressed by a number of people in response to this video. We would again urge people to allow this investigation to run its course and remind members of the public that we will take robust action against anyone who acts outside of the law.”

The Yorkshire Standard was notified by various members of the public about the video.

The site also received links to the video and it had been shared at least over 1,000 times and had over 100 comments – some included death threats.

It was removed from the account a day after the arrest.

The police were contacted by the Yorkshire Standard for a clarification on whether the man did rip the Koran, put it in a toilet and burn it. The police refused to confirm or go into detail. The video was deemed as an offensive video.

What do you think about incidents such as this? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Poacherpat420 says:

    Why do we have to put up with the slow but sure islamification of this country?
    Open your eyes all non muslim people of uk, whatever your race or religion and see what these animals are doing, if this cancer is not cut out then in years to come pimping out little white girls will become the norm.
    These will be your direct descendants and what a legacy we will have left.
    The British people are of strong heart and will eventually be sick enough of these atrocities committed by muslims to act, all fanatics beware coz when the British Bulldog is sick of being kicked he will show you his teeth.

    It is the duty of a patriot to defend his country against its own government.

    • Bill Gibbons says:

      Superintendent Mabs Hussain, of Leeds District Police, said: “Due to the nature of this offence, any decision to charge must be taken by the Director of Public Prosecutions. We are currently preparing an advice file which we will be submitting to the Crown Prosecution Service in due course. In the meantime the arrested man has been released on bail to an alternative location.”

      Not showing any bias, eh Mabs? Or would you have acted the same way if it was a Bible that had been torn up and burned in a toilet by someone?

  2. Don says:

    I personally find it offensive for any book to be burned, but the qustion here is would the guy have been arrested for doing this to the christian bible? – somehow i doubt it. I am fed up to the back teeth with racial prejudice against non muslims in this country – because that is what it is essentially. This weak government are responsible for not standing up for the rights of British born nationals be it christian or agnostic. Only the Muslims it seems are getting the law to act. Just think, there is a yahoo website called OMG based on the annoing and offensive use of the abbreviation for `Oh My god` which is actually blasphemous yet totally acceptable to the government and the police! If it were OMM – or `Oh My Mohammed` there would be uproar. Time for British values to be brought back and for those coming here to live to abide by them.

  3. Allan.ceron says:

    Blasphemy laws in Britain in the 21st century. Shame and embarrassment to Britain. Handing over freedoms that took centuries to establish. Shame on you.

  4. Sara says:

    Anyone reading these comments can see how backwards and intolerant these people are.

  5. The Flash says:

    I guess England has been castrated by the Muslims. If the English people don’t rise up and DEMAND that their rights be protected against interlopers, then we’re forever going to be a First World backwater on it’s way to Third World status. Liberals will hasten our trip to historical obscurity.

  6. Richard Smith says:

    I feel great sorrow for the UK, in 20 years it will be a muslim state, Christianity and Judaism will be outlawed…Yeah I know what you are thinking; it can’t happen right?

    How many of you my British cousins ever thought 20 years ago that someone could get arrested for destroying their property?

    Its only going to get worse…

    • robert hunt-watts says:

      Lit my sitting room fire with a few pages of the Koran this morning…Tear out a couple of pages, roll them into a long taper and they reach right into the heart of the kindling…Arrest me too. Perhaps the whole country should be doing it.

  7. veritas says:

    Wow. No freedom of speech or expression under SHARIA law in once upon a time Great Britain. The koran is violent and offensive. This prosecution is offensive and violates our freedom by discouraging freedom of speech and expression. Shame on you Quisling ISLAMO Facists.

  8. TexasGuy says:

    Sounds fine to me.
    Burn some more..

  9. Gary Varey says:

    Too many people on here think the guy was arrested for burning the book.

    He was more so arrested for his own safety. So shut up everyone and move on.

    • robert hunt-watts says:

      That is a whole lot worse than if he had been arrested for burning the filth….This is England not Islamabad. Own protection, from criminal lunatics…lol…..Maybe it would be more sensible to arrest Muslims.

    • Geert Bierman says:

      and released on bail…. think again. UK police is imposing sharia laws

  10. Sahra says:

    Islam is still growing. If it’s a book and religion of hate and death, yaddiyadda, why is it still growing? Because people are being brainwashed, right? No. No one’s being brainwashed. Quite the opposite actually.
    The religion is fine.
    Let the debate begin.
    *random people inserting random sections from verses of the Quran and trying to justify how and why this proves islam condones violence and terrorism.*

    • Sunshine says:

      Sahra: It’s the big lie. Islam is not the growing religion most muslims think it is.

      Atheism has the highest increase followed by Buddhism and Hinduism.

      Slowly but surely, muslims also are becoming atheists. This is understandable. When they start looking more deeply into their ideology, they refuse to follow it.

  11. David Woolmer says:

    The Qu’ran even in Arabic is one of the worst written,most boring,most inaccurate and most disgusting in history. Geert Wilders claimed that as it was more dangerous than Hitler’s Mein Kampf which is banned in Holland so should the Qu’ran be. Of course,technically,as Mira Lea on here says, any version of this excrescence not written in Arabic is considered by the four Islamic schools of jurisprudence to be unacceptable for the Ummah(world wide world of Islam and Muslims).

    Sir Winston Churchill(generally recognised as the greatest ever Englishman) wrote in his 1899 book The River War that ” The fanatical frenzy in Islam which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia(rabies)in a dog” he also said “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world” The great C19 Prime Minister William Gladstone in the House of Commons raised a copy of the Qu’ran above his head saying “Whilst this accursed book is still read there will be no peace in this world”

    Why can’t Cameron,Merkel,Hollande and HUSSAIN Obama learn ANYTHING from distinguished people like Churchill,Gladstone Wilders, Spencer,Ibn Warraq and Ali Hirsaan Ali and many,many who have left Islam and denounced their former faith in even worse terms?Of course it does not help, of course,that Obama himself is a Muslim!

  12. leonard says:

    They have 56 countries to practice their submission ideology and the UK will never be one of them: the politicians and police responsible for this state of affairs need to be tried for treason and the time is coming when they will be.So people use your vote wisely this year.

  13. Pavel Mecer says:

    This is a proof that Britain does not belong in civilized Europe. The fact that this site deletes perfectly valid comments is another.

  14. vinvin says:

    aah, englandistan, the laughing stock of the world

  15. Tony McLean says:

    While hate preacher Choudary calls for more death and toasts the Taliban and ISIS with Lee Rigby’s blood.

  16. beano255 says:

    Sharia law anyone? And this my friends is why you never let the gov’t take your gun rights away.

  17. Pavel Mecer says:

    Britain does not belong in civilized Europe. You made your bed, now die in it!

  18. Mark says:

    Perhaps he should be guilty of wasting bandwidth and bunging up the sewerage system, but nothing, and I mean nothing more than that.

  19. Glen Bennett says:

    This guy should be nominated for the new year honours, what chance does he have if the superintendants a muslim;

  20. jon says:

    So its ok to protest shouting British troops burn in hell whilst burning poppies as the police stand there and protect the scum whilst they are doing so, but hey ho your getting nicked for burning probably the most evil overrated book in history…

    • Lee Coulson says:

      I really wish some of you bigots knew things other than what the far-right spoonfeed you.

      Google ‘arrested for burning poppy’ and you’ll see that people have been arrested for doing that too. Same with burning flags.

      A message to everyone: If you condone the burning of a holy book, then you’re no better than the ones who burn flags and poppies. Like them you’re disrespectful and probably have nothing better to do in your life either.

      • Chris says:

        How would it be bigoted to point out that poppies have been burned and our troops have been told to burn in hell on our own streets?

        It would be a matter of public duty to point this out surely? And a matter of shame to defend it with insults of being bigoted.

      • Jiri Dvorak says:

        I believe the Koran may be taken as the source of an evil ideology or religion or faith. As far as a nation flag is just a representation of the nation. It teaches nothing.

      • Bob Smith says:

        Free speech means anyone can say what they want. Too bad for you if your feelings are hurt.

        The Koran is a book of hate. Read it! I have. Tell me why the versuses calling for death for non-Muslims is not hate.

        Thousands of copies should be burned in a mass fire fueled with pig fat.

        The cult of Islam has had disastrous affects on humanity.

        If burning the Koran helps start a discussion about Islam – that is good.

        • Anders says:

          Well, the first half of the bible is no better, cutting the balls of x enemies to gain respect and such. What matters is what a religious group stand for, and that’s where we shouldn’t confuse radical and moderate muslims. Also the latter group needs to stand up to the challenge of keeping their group moderate.

          In that context, of course it’s problematic to see either book (Koran/Old testament part of the bible) as an absolute truth/gods words. The beleivers need to be able to interpret, to sort out the crap and select the love, tolerance etc. parts and live by them.

      • Leonard says:

        Coulson this book is paper privately owned and since when did it become a crime to burn your own paper?

      • leonard says:

        The police police with our consent and we the people do not consent to this so go and get a job in Saudi Arabia where you can enforce Sharia law to your heart’
        s content.

      • robert hunt-watts says:

        You are one of the stupid people who have allowed this to happen. It is apologists and far left traitors that allowed Muslim paedophile gangs to flourish in places like Rotherham. I hope to god that you a) don’t have young daughters and. b) grow up and see the world as it really is. There are two countries that still practice your politics in the world Cuba and North Korea…Be proud you disgust me and most of your countrymen.

      • Mike Winstanley says:

        “a holy book” – What does that mean? Does it have magical power embedded in its pages? What makes a book so special that it becomes “a holy book”? Did some supernatural agency imbue with some spiritual essence – so it has a “holy” odour of some kind? Or is it because idiots like you have been told its “holy” and you are too stupid to question what you have been told.

  21. GARY CASE says:

    no different them them burning our flag in public

    • Derek Burns says:

      and just how many people get arrested for doing that?
      A flag is a symbol of patriotism and not religious.
      I don’t respect religion of any kind, especially ones that are as disgusting as islam is.
      I condone burning bibles, korans… whatever and the reason I do so is to demonstrate how little it means to any non believer. This is still presently a country where freedom of speech and religion is lawful.
      I wish you knew things other than what the loony left have spoon fed you.

  22. R.E.B says:

    Not one single prosecution for female genital mutilation since 1985 but burn a Koran and you go straight to jail. I bet the unprosecuted rapists of Rotherham are laughing too. There is a word for this. It is called Dhimmitude. The Police, the courts and this government disgust me.

  23. HENRY ALKEN says:

    I am so ashamed of Britain. It has become a puppet state ruled by the dead pedofile Muhammed.
    I am so glad that I recognized the decay in Britain when I emigrated in 1954 after graduating from the University of Leeds.
    It is disgusting to see the British Yorkshire police arresting a man for burning a book.
    Every Muslim should be deported from Britain NOW. Do not wait until it is too late.
    Cameron and the rest of the homosexual Eton Elite must be thrown out of office. Vote UKIP!

  24. adams says:

    Have the British police joined ISIS yet ? Won’t be long now . Pretty soon being British will become a thought crime under the present shower . Vote UKIP and push back against this frightening nonsense .

  25. Steve Gouldstone says:

    The typical violent threats from Muslims on this thread shows exactly why this teenager decided to post this video.

    While I wouldn’t choose to do it myself he should be at perfect liberty to do this if he wants.

    It is only the true nature of this so-called religion that makes it a stupid or dangerous thing to do. If he had burnt a bible his life wouldn’t now be in danger. If Islam wasn’t so violent this would not be an issue.

    Unfortunately Islam seems incapable of introspection or change. If people cannot take their place in a civilised society, why do they choose to live in one?

    • Phil says:

      You make yourself sound clever. The teenager did not post this video because of insults, I’ve seen it and he tried making himself popular with ‘funny videos’.

      It’s clear you hate Islam, like many commentators on this thread. But what I can see is a trend of fear you all seem to have and it’s kinda irrational.

      You think people are angry because of Islam? Well I’m not a Muslim and I don’t like the fact he burnt it because I, unlike you, don’t have hostility towards others of different faith. Go watch FOX News abit more.

      • Robert Verwindt says:

        I’ve read the qur”an and unless you have you can’t truly understand that Islam is a religion of hate it is about conversion of the masses through violent courses of action if you still refuse conversion through this method you will be killed. Blindness is the foolishness of men for refusing to see the truth.You can be respectful of all faiths doesn’t mean all faiths will be respectful of you.

      • Brimstone says:

        The hostility is not to people of other faiths. There people of many faiths and none living quite peacefully in Britain.

        The hostility is to those who cannot also live in peace and accept that we have freedom of thought speech and action in this country (subject to not causing anyone any harm).

        I object to burning books, any books, but those who threaten and carry out acts of violence because someone burns a book that means something to them should be prosecuted as would anyone else for a similar action.

      • Camoron says:

        Tell that to Lee Rigby or the victims of the 7/7 bombings. while your at it, tell it to the 1400 sexually abused children in Rotheram by Moslem rapists who were given protection by all those in authority who didn’t want to appear “racist” – even though Islam is NOT a race. It’s people like you who bury their heads in the sand that refuse to see or name a problem.
        Do you think this would have happened if he burnt a Bible? Hypocrite much?

      • Michael copeland says:

        Lol Phil it’s people like you living in your little bubble that have no clue……yes you are indeed as big a threat to the civilised world as Islam is!!!

      • robert hunt-watts says:

        Have you seen the news? Do you think that the doings of the many Muslim terrorist groups around the world are somehow unrelated to the nice quiet lady in the burkha on the bus. I hate Islam and everything it stands for…Unlike you, I have served in Muslim countries, fought against, and lived among them. It is an evil cult that must be returned to the place from where it came. It has no place among civilised people. I do not need to watch fox news, I have experienced Muslim culture first hand for decades…..Grow up, join the Royal Marines, come back in twenty years and give me a valid opinion…Not an opinion from the BBC or Guardian.

  26. Brenn says:

    If British citizens think the problem here is a video offensive to a religion, or the religious group’s reaction to it, I’d say it’s too late for all of you. The real problem illustrated by this story is that the British have created a society in which they can be arrested for offending somebody’s religion. The lack of freedom is very sad.

  27. Zenkick says:

    If someone burned the Bible nothing would have happened to him. Burn the Koran and you go to gaol. Appeasement of Islam, why? Fear, because Islam is a violent ideology, just like Nazism is banned so should Islam be banned. I have already written to the ministry of justice, I would urge all Britons, and we are still the majority, to do the same.

  28. Jon says:

    Not very smart to put it down the toilet *before* burning it.

  29. peter heath says:

    The Moslem (Pakistani) contributors to the page are sadly and predictably reflective of Islam and their intolerance. Perhaps if they love their religion so much they should perform ‘hajira’ to a Moslem land, i.e. Pakistan, where Christians are regularly killed and their homes burned on trumped up charges of blasphemy.
    Their tone shows it is possible to take the savage out of Pakistan, but you cannot take Pakistan out of the savage. If these people gain numerical supremacy our civil liberties will be destroyed and Sharia imposed, this is the mission of Islam. I believe any free thinker who burns this vile book should be commended.

  30. John Haigh, says:

    I am sorry this person did this but I can also understand the frustration that he and I feel when something which offends Muslims their outrage is deafening. But silence when Muslims burn our flag, poppy’s and insult our forces.
    Quote from one post “Once again I would request to the west yorkshire police n courts by the law he should be punished. Our hearts have been disturbed because we love our religion Islam and our holy book Quran and we respect all the religion’s. And if no action taken ASAP regarding to this matter then we will take it further.”
    So off with his head that what you want ? what a stupid remark, we have our own laws in the UK not Sharia.

  31. Khan says:

    Give him a life sentence!!!

  32. Carl hansen says:

    death threats issued! Of course. That’s what Islam is all about. Death.

    • Louise Berry says:

      Death threats issued because people got upset that a holy thing in their life got mocked in front of them. We are not all the same, some people react differently.

      But what was the cause of the threats? A stupid teen. My point is people who do such stupid things need to realise that there are consequences. I believe this 19 yr old was attempting to provoke.

      • Robot Ron Twentyeightyfour says:

        “We are not all the same, some people react differently.”

        That’s right, Louise – some of us civilised types have learned to ignore provocation and spread a message of peace, understanding and tolerance.

        Others, however, are quick to issue threats of dismemberment and death at the very slightest ‘offence’.

        It seems apparent who you side with.

        • Louise Berry says:

          Don’t twist my words ‘Robot Ron’.

          But thanks for judging me so quickly. Your comment clearly shows how ‘understanding’ you are.

      • Derek Burns says:

        what makes the teen more stupid than the people who make death threats because he burned his own book?
        If you are provoked so easily, then good advice would be take a few deep breaths and think of bunny rabbits.
        Mockery and satire are thankfully part of life and well within the law. Anything which doesn’t stand up to criticism isn’t worthy of standing.

      • Mr_twister says:

        And a woman eh….don’t worry love you’ll be the first they come for…. have fun when they do.

      • Mark says:

        Louise, that is the sort of capitulation and appeasement that religious zealots want.
        “desecrate” a Koran or draw a cartoon of Mohammed and “there are consequences”?
        This is along the lines of the strange excuse of “But you have to realise we love the prophet more than we love our family.” As if that is an excuse for those consequences, and everyone has to accept that, under fear of violence and back down?
        No, the solution should be for reform in Islam. For some “scholars” to shout from the rooftops that “we simply shouldn’t get upset about things like this. We should be able to rise above it.”
        That’s a solution – rather than accepting that violence etc will occur. Be ashamed if you capitulate to this and don’t look for reform away from violence.

  33. marco says:

    Mr Cameron.I hope your people read this,its why i am voting ukkip,we need common sense,your citizens are talking civil war…..wake up sir and do your job

  34. Khalidi says:

    Islam is a disease and the Koran is its war manual. Burning it is a good idea.

  35. AbdelMassih says:

    Its not a good idea to burn a Quran to offend muslims. But to burn the Quran is not a crime in British law. the reaction of some Muslims to this and to the Danish cartoonist drawing of the prophet is a democratic problem. How can Islam become the order of respons from authorities. Britain, you have a problem!
    And to the Muslims that react with vengeance and outrage: “If Allah, is harm and angry because of burning of the Quran, why not let Allah punish… but maybe Allah is not interested? Maybe you, with your actions, act as if yourself are gods.” But you are only dust. remember that! free this lad!

  36. adie says:

    The quran is despised by 90% of british people, regular quran burnings would be a highly popular event.

  37. Dennis says:

    “Due to the nature of this offence”
    And which offense might that be?!

    The UK is surely becoming the Sick Man Of Europe.

  38. jihad jones says:

    Yet 1400 children of Rotherham and tens of thousands more have no justice after decades of being sex trafficked by Muslim gangs.

    Strange how the police find time for these crimes but leave white English children to be raped by the immigrants and descendants of immigrants brought here as part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi project and even assist the rapists on occasion.

    This country is sick. I can;t wait for the civil war now. It is required for liberation from ZOG IMO.

  39. Fabian says:

    Can’t be racial discrimination & I didn’t know damaging religious material was an offence? Have seen loads of people burn bibles or even use the pages to smoke and there had been no drama… It’s a book

  40. renee says:

    This guy deserves a medal for this and should not be charged. If it had been a Muslim burning a bible or even a flag, I doubt he would even be arrested. This is discrimination an the man should be left alone !

  41. eli says:

    much ado about nothing. moslems need to find the fun in life.

    • mahaz ahmed raja mohammad says:

      This is well out of order n he should be punished for what he did. And our religion Islam teaches to care n respect every human n religions n respect the law n the country where you live. So my humble request to the west yorkshire police n courts by the law he should be punished to teach him the lesson. People like him they bring hateruge with the community’s. And I would like to say he is not a human he is a worse than a animal. And until he is not get any kind of a worse punishment we are not going to stay quite. Once again I would request to the west yorkshire police n courts by the law he should be punished. Our hearts have been disturbed because we love our religion Islam and our holy book Quran and we respect all the religion’s. And if no action taken ASAP regarding to this matter then we will take it further.

      • Michael says:

        Why should anyone be punished for destroying such a work of blasphemy?

      • Dennis says:

        LOL so islam respects every human but this man is worse than an animal?! You’re humble request any kind of worse punishment?! And your hearts have been disturbed?! You are nothing but a religious facist and a bane to humanity

        • Julian farmer says:

          West Yorks Police- Sharia enforcers. They are so “PC” they have their sick heads jammed up their
          backsides. They tried to frame Cliff Richard as the Rotherham facts were revealed in order to deflect news. West Yorks Fuzz and SS will be having their own collars felt very soon if reports I hear are correct. They have offended many fellow officers in other forces, serving and retired. They intend to take action.

          Abuse of Public Office -5 years.

      • calum says:

        Sounds like a another death threat to me. Muslims just can’t help themselves. So much for respect and tolerance. Grow up. We’re sick of hearing it. You’re the only people in the world who behave like this.

      • Mira Lea says:

        mahaz ahmed raja mohammad

        ‘A video, which was shared to the Yorkshire Standard, showed a man ripping apart an English translation of the Koran with his teeth and putting it in the toilet before burning it.’
        With all due respect, no crime has been committed here.

        ”According to the Imams and all the scholars it is unlawful to […] translate it (the Quran) in languages other than Arabic.” (Al-Shatbee Fee Mabaahith Min Uloomil Quran pg51, see also Jawaahir al-Fiqh vol1 pg97)

        Any and All Korans that have been printed in any language other than Arabic are not held as the Holy Koran.
        In other words, a Koran that is not written in Arabic is an interpretation of the Koran and is not considered Holy
        In the event that something has been lost in translation here, I will reiterate:
        What was burned here was an ‘English Interpretation’ and NOT an Arabic version of of the Koran. ergo, no Koran was burnt.
        I suggest that you and the rest of the Moslems whose feelings have been hurt get over yourselves.

      • Robert Verwindt says:

        which qur”an are you reading because the one I have read is in total contradiction to what you have just stated.

      • Brimstone says:

        He has hurt no one. Those who get upset because some teenager trying to be provocative burns a book need to acquire a reasoned mature attitude and realise what is important.

        People who don’t like the way things are done in this and many other countries have left and moved to countries which they find preferable.

        The Founding Fathers of the USA left England because they didn’t like the prevailing religion.

        People are still at liberty to leave and move to a country where their religion is the dominant one.

        Better yet, people should realise that religion is noting more than a means of controlling their minds and actions and learn to think for themselves.

      • craig says:

        If you find that offensive might I suggest you move to another country this kid has done nothing apart from burn a book last time I checked it wasn’t an offence to burn your own property

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