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50% of road accidents in West Yorkshire caused by failure to look

Someones Son Campaign

One of the posters that have been rolled out across the county

A campaign is urging motorists to keep eyes on the road, as findings reveal that 50% of road traffic accidents are caused by failure to look.

Launched by West Yorkshire Safer Roads in partnership with road safety campaign Someone’s Son, posters will be reminding people to ‘look out’ on the road as part of a countywide campaign.

They have already been seen on Calderdale buses and have been rolled out across West Yorkshire.

Sue Snoddy, Chair of the West Yorkshire Safer Roads group, said: “The aim is to encourage users who share our roads to share the responsibility.

“The artwork has deliberately been designed to be a simple message appealing to all road users, moving away from the blame culture of previous campaigns which can create an ‘us and them’ culture between road users.”

The West Yorkshire Safer Roads group is made up of the five local authorities in West Yorkshire and the emergency services.

The Someone’s Son campaign launched in 2010 with an aim of raising awareness about the risks motorcyclists and pedal cyclists face when in conflict with other vehicles.

According to Someone’s Son, around 83% of crashes occur in daylight with West Yorkshire cycling accidents peaking in July.

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