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Anger as teacher suspended from Carlton Bolling College

Carlton Bolling College Asif Protest
Carlton Bolling College Asif Protest
Carlton Bolling College Asif ProtestCarlton Bolling College Asif Protest

Protesters have voiced concerns over the sudden suspension of a teacher at Carlton Bolling College in Bradford.

Members of the community protested outside the school’s main entrance today in solidarity with Asif Khan, who was suspended from his position last week.

The reasons remain unclear, but protesters believe Mr Khan was suspended because of his pro-Palestinian views.

One of the protest organisers, who is not a student and preferred not to be named, said: “People want to know what’s happening and students have told me they are being ignored. The children have also been put in fear for getting excluded if they attended the protest.

“Asif has always been in the community projects helping young ones and always taking part in demonstrations and protests for others.”

Cllr Mohammad Shabbir of the Heaton Ward was present, and said: “Asif has been a servant to BD3 and children in the community since around 1994, and for around 15 years he has been a servant for Carlton Bolling College.

“I would encourage the school see sense and recognise that Asif brings a huge amount of credibility. What the specifics of the allegations are I’m not aware but I find it interesting and cannot ignore that the issue of Palestine has been at the forefront of people’s minds.

“I also would like to ask the question how many BME staff have found themselves in similar circumstances as opposed to white colleagues. There is a case around race the council and Bradford education has to answer.”

A complaint letter was being circulated and signed amongst protesters.

Part of it read: ‘I am writing this complaint letter to express my concerns about the issues surrounding an assembly held by the Headteacher regarding the suspension of Carlton Bolling College staff member Asif Khan. I was surprised and disgusted to hear that my child who attends the school was threatened with the possibility of being arrested by the Police.’

Police officers were present at the protest, which remained peaceful, and cordoned off both sides of the road for around 30 minutes.

The reasons as to why Mr Khan was suspended remains unconfirmed.

The Yorkshire Standard attempted to contact Carlton Bolling College for a comment on the situation, but did not receive a response.

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  1. mohammod islam says:

    It is individual choice to protest or not. If the children decide to protest in a peaceful manner than it should not be a problem and school certainly does not have a say in it.
    If the teacher is favorite amongst the children than he should not have been suspended and other school members should learn from this favorite teacher.Down to the ruling class and up with people power.

  2. nul says:

    Parent disgusted their child was going to get reprimanded? for getting involved in a protest in a totally inappropriate venue? For getting involved in politics they know nothing about? Wow. Great parenting.

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