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Bisexual asylum seeker: ‘I prefer to be a dead man than get on a flight’

EXCLUSIVE: Family and friends of a bisexual man fighting to stay in the country will be travelling to London to hear whether his application for a Judicial Review has been granted.

Orashia Edwards

Orashia Edwards.

Orashia Edwards is a bisexual and sought safety in the UK after fleeing Jamaica, a country where attacks and harassment of LGBT people were reported to be ‘increasing’ according to Amnesty International.

When he was 16, he moved to Antigua and had no option but to marry an older woman in order to hide his sexuality.

In 2011, he fled to the UK to be with his family in Leeds.

The woman who married him however, exposed his bisexuality on social media, which prompted Orashia’s family to worry about his safety if he was to be deported.

Support groups such as the Yorkshire MESMAC and ReachOUT supported Orashia to tell his family about his sexuality and be open about having male partners.

His mother Vienna Browne told the Yorkshire Standard following a bail hearing last year that Orashia had “suffered from depression and panic attacks” due to his ordeal.

She will be travelling with family and friends to support Orashia at the hearing in London on 15 April.

Defend Orashia

Orashia’s relatives and friends. Image: Yorkshire Standard.

Emily Jennings, a close friend of Orashia, said: “We are hoping for justice and for Orashia to finally be granted asylum after such a long wait.”

Orashia said: “I would prefer to be a dead man than get on a flight, I have nowhere to go. All my family and friends are in Leeds, it is my home and I am finally able to live and love without fear.”

Amnesty International’s latest report states that attacks and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people continue.

A few weeks ago, an angry mob stoned a young, allegedly gay man to death in Jamaica and filmed themselves hurling rocks at his head.

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  1. matty says:

    Excellent article!!! WORRYING how some people prefer death than going back when the COUNTRY doesn’t offer them asylum – do people not care about HUMAN LIFE

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