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Bradford activists voice concern over Facebook ‘settlement’ ads

Bradford Palestine Protest

Taken at a Bradford Palestine protest last year.

Pro-Palestinian activists from Bradford have expressed concern over advertisements selling settlement homes in Palestine on Facebook.

The group of activists are urging people to sign an Avaaz petition which calls on the social networking site to ban the ads.

The letter is written to chair and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and reads: “We were shocked to see ads for illegal Israeli settlements on Facebook. The establishment and expansion of settlements is considered a war crime.

“Settlements are a main cause of violence and discrimination in the region. Facebook’s advertising guidelines state that “Ads may not constitute, facilitate or promote illegal activity.” We therefore call upon you to ban all advertisements for settlement homes or settlement based products from showing on Facebook.”

The petition has gained over 12,500 signatures.

Facebook Ban Settlement Ads Avaaz

Image: Avaaz.

David Humphreys, a member of the Bradford group, said: “We find it outrageous that any social platform could allow adverts from occupied Palestinian lands when most of the world’s institutions have condemned the illegal occupation of land.

“People are always concerned about the atrocities in Palestine but because the mainstream media does not report such activities. It is via social media that we get our news. People feel passionately about this cause and will take action once they find out the situation.

“Our boycott campaign reaches tens of thousands every week and I think that gives us hope when raising awareness and tackling issues such as the settlement ads.”

The Avaaz petition shows no evidence to suggest there were illegal Israeli settlements on Facebook.

According to Avaaz, similar campaigns launched by the website have succeeded in getting Facebook to remove ads for illegal and offensive products.

The Yorkshire Standard has contacted Facebook.

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