Published On: Sat, Apr 4th, 2015 on 4:46 pm

Bradford ‘badman’ trolls comedian, gets called a ‘test tube baby’

A comedian who was victim to abuse from an online ‘badman’ has made a video calling him and his friends ‘test tube babies’.

Paul Chowdhry

Comedian Paul Chowdhry. Image: YouTube.

A Facebook user sent abusive messages to stand-up comedian Paul Chowdhry, who responded by posting a video about him and sharing it on his page, which has over 80,000 fans.

It was made following comments made by the Bradford resident, who told Paul that “one day someone is going to turn around and lamp you one”.

The troll also posted up a photo of an ambulance on his Facebook page, saying he would need it after he dealt with him.

Paul Chowdhry Troll

Image: Facebook.

The comedian uploaded a video of himself going through the troll’s public profile, which had him posing with middle fingers up at the camera.

Paul said: “This guy looks like a test-tube baby, I mean what is this? Sticking his fingers up? Was this picture taken on a Nokia 1? This picture was taken before cameras were invented”.

He also noted two cars on his profile, saying: “Badman’s always got two cars in their profile pictures.”

A friend of the ‘badman’ wrote to Paul saying: “Easy paul, How about you apologise… befor it gets to a position, where you can’t step foot in bradford”.

In the video, Paul sarcastically apologised to the ‘badman’ who had ‘Bfd’ in his name: “I’d like to apologise to you, I didn’t know ‘Bfd’ stood for ‘Big Friendly Dildo’ and I’d like to just apologise. This is a badman I’m messing with here. I made a big mistake. This guy is as hench as dental floss”.

Paul has gained positive feedback from local residents since.

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  1. john says:

    If you want to publish something get your facts right

    • John isnt your real name i bet says:

      John what facts were wrong, everythin on this article were said by paul, unless your the guy who was EXPOSED

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