Published On: Thu, Feb 26th, 2015 on 2:42 pm

Bradford candidate claims smear plot after racist message shared online

A Labour candidate shortlisted to fight Respect party leader George Galloway MP in Bradford West claims she has been impersonated online by someone who wants to “bring her down”.

Naveeda Ikram

Image: Bradford Council.

Naveeda Ikram, a Labour councillor who was the first Muslim woman to become Bradford’s lord mayor, says she contacted police last night.

The message, seen by the Yorkshire Standard, purports to show a conversation between a profile going by the name of Naveeda Ikram and another user.

According to the timestamp, the conversation took place on the day Amina Ali was selected to represent Labour in Bradford West.

The profile carrying Naveeda’s name said “Sad day for Bradford !!!,” to which the recipient replied with “True vey sad”.

The profile carrying Naveeda’s name then replied with: “These people have let our community down , first they selected a Sikh and now a Somalian .”

The messages were circulated on social media, and led people to believe that they were directed at British-Somali Amina Ali, who resigned from her candidacy yesterday, and Labour’s last MP for Bradford West Marsha Singh who was a Sikh.

“I am having this investigated”

Naveeda denies allegations that the messages being shared online were sent by her.

In a statement, Naveeda said: “I want to clarify that it is a fake profile that is easily made and circulated to bring me down. This is not the first time such false profiles have been created and deactivated.

“I’ve reported it to the police and I am having this investigated.

“Being a woman and being in politics is not an easy task. However such challenges have to be faced gracefully. I hope social media users who get hold of such information will be more responsible and not promote such material.”

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  1. Philip says:

    seems like this is a political opponent, and it woul be the respect party to do it hmm

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