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Bradford protesters say ‘enough is enough’ following attacks on Pakistani Shias

A protest has been held in the city of Bradford to highlight the persecution of the Shia community in Pakistan.

Shia Persecution Protest Bradford

Residents gathered outside City Hall today to condemn and call for the end of terrorist attacks inflicted upon the minority Shia community in the Pakistani country.

It was organised following a terrorist attack that targeted a Shia mosque in the Pakistani capital Islamabad three days ago.

At least three people were killed and many were injured.

The Jundallah militant group, which is linked to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorist group, claimed responsibility.

Shia Persecution Protest BradfordIn the same week, 20 people were killed at a Shia mosque in Peshawar in another terrorist attack.

Those attending the protest held in Bradford today included religious leaders as well as local politicians, who voiced concern over the recent wave of attacks targeting the Shia community.

“We feel your grief, we feel your pain”

Maulana Israr Kazmi said: “The first message is to all those children who have been orphaned recently and those mothers and fathers who have lost their children. Yes we are here in Bradford, we are here standing more than 3,000 miles away from Pakistan, but yet we would like to tell you, that we feel your grief, we feel your pain. Our children will cry for your children, our elders will cry for your elders, our sisters will cry for your sisters as well.

“The second message is for the government of Pakistan, to the United Nations and to all those organisations who claim to represent human rights… enough is enough.

“How many more innocent people need to be killed? How much blood needs to be spilled before we take notice of the atrocities, the massacres, the genocides, the annihilation of the innocent people in Pakistan?”

Shia Persecution Protest Bradford

MP for Bradford West George Galloway said: “The attacks on Shias are happening almost every week. Mosques are being attacked and worshippers are being murdered, and the state of Pakistan is appearing to be incapable of stopping it.”

Cllr Mohammad Shabbir of the Heaton ward, said: “We have to strip away all our labels, and the very basic label we have is that we are human beings. We cannot allow people of hate to divide us as human beings no matter who we are. At this present time, we need to promote goodness to all.”

More photographs were taken of this event by our photographer/reporter. They will be available to view and buy here (under the February section).

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