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Bradford residents voice opposition to Charlie Hebdo Prophet Mohammed cartoon

Charlie Hebdo Protest Bradford

George Galloway MP (right) addresses the audience.

Approximately 200 people gathered to voice their opposition to a French satirical magazine that depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammed.

Charlie Hebdo made the move after masked gunmen stormed its Paris offices and killed 12 people. It returned to business with an edition featuring Muhammed on the front cover.

Charlie Hebdo Protest Bradford

Speaking, Karl Dallas.

Residents made plans to gather in Bradford’s City Park to voice opposition to the cartoons, and to oppose what they believe is the victimisation of Muslims in the wake of the terrorist attack.

Speakers included representatives of different faith communities, the Muslim Youth League (MYL), and local politicians.

Speaking, MP for Bradford West George Galloway, said: “No human being should be subjected to violence or death for anything for what they have said, written or drawn, so we condemn utterly the murder of 17 people in the events in Paris.

“But we will not allow this Charlie Hebdo magazine to be described as a kind of lovable, anarchic, fun book of cartoons. These are not cartoons, these are not depictions of the Prophet, these are pornographic obscene insults to the Prophet and by extension, 1.7 billion humans beings on this earth.”

Deputy leader of Bradford Council, Cllr Imran Hussain, said he was “deeply offended” by the cartoons.

He said: “We accept that the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression is a fundamental right. We accept that over history and time, people have lost their lives so that these freedoms can be observed. But with these freedoms come responsibility and no freedom can ever be limitless or without boundary.

“And it seems to me that there are limits, whether in law or whether through the principles of decency and morality, these limits exist already and therefore, it somewhat concerns me that these standards of law or morality and decency are applied differently.”

A day before the protest took place the English Defence League (EDL) made plans to attend.

Over 30 people said they would attend on social media and around three supporters came on the day, reportedly trying to enter the area where gatherers were present.

They were stopped by security and left the area.

More photographs were taken by our photographer/reporter. They will be available to view and buy here.

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