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Bradford school stabbing: Arrested teen ‘was local kid I knew growing up’

EXCLUSIVE: A teen has told the Yorkshire Standard how he felt when he saw footage of a 14-year-old he knew for “years” being arrested on suspicion of stabbing a teacher.

At around 8.55am yesterday, police were contacted by the ambulance service who were attending a report of a member of staff having been stabbed at Dixons Kings Academy in Bradford.

Dixons Kings Academy

Dixons Kings Academy.

The male teacher, aged 50, was taken to hospital for treatment to a stab wound to his body.

The 19-year-old, who requested to remain anonymous, said he recognised the arrested suspect after a video of his arrest began circulating on social media.

Bradford School Stabbing Teen

Image of the incident.

“He was the local kid I knew growing up”

He said: “I’ve known him for years. He was the local kid I knew growing up, but I never knew him close, I would just see him every other day walking through the streets either on his way out or on the way home.

“He lives literally a couple of streets away from me. He’d shake hands, talk for a bit, always talked respectfully and wasn’t the kind with a bad mouth but he was also the kind who got into fights often.

“His father’s a respected man and I know his older brother’s as well. They’re all okay local lads and not bad to anyone.

“I don’t know what caused the kid to do such a thing that extreme but that’s with him to know. At the end of the day my thoughts go out to the family of the teacher, and the students at that school who will also feel terrified and unsafe.”

Police today stated they are continuing to question a 14-year-old.

Victim support is available for students, staff and parents at Dixons Kings Academy.

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  1. saima says:

    dont care who this guy is i hope he gets a massive prison sentence so he rots in jail scumbag

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