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Bradford school Yearbooks returned after proofreading mishap

Laisterdyke Business And Enterprise College Yearbook

Some of the other pages had remarks that were too inappropriate to publish

Laisterdyke Business And Enterprise College Yearbook

One of the pages found in the Yearbook

Laisterdyke Business And Enterprise College YearbookLaisterdyke Business And Enterprise College Yearbook

Yearbooks for this year’s leavers have been returned after they were found with inappropriate comments that were published without being checked.

Published at the Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College in Bradford, students and their friends were given the chance to make comments but readers saw some as foul and inappropriate.

One student said ‘smoking a spliff at the back of field’ was going to be the thing they missed the most, while another said their friend would most likely become a ‘drug dealer’. One student called a teacher a ‘babe’, whilst one person said their friend had an obsession with ‘Justin bloody bieber’.

There were also some swear words and racist slurs in some photos the Yorkshire Standard obtained, too inappropriate to publish.

A concerned resident – who requested not to be named – told the Yorkshire Standard: “I was at the house of a friend when their child was brought home in the school minibus to take the book back to school as the headmistress had recalled all the books.

“Before it was taken I took photos of some of the offending pages which incidentally the youngster pointed out as I would not have known where to find them.”

Jen McIntosh, Principal of Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College, commented on the Yearbook, and said: “The Yearbook was produced by students who are leaving the college and it should have been checked before it was printed. We have taken immediate action to rectify this mistake.

“We have contacted all the parents and pupils who received the book to ask that they return it and to apologise to them for any offence caused by the language used by a small minority of our students.

“Our priority at the moment is to focus on our students’ exams. Once exams are completed, we will carry out a thorough investigation to establish how this happened.”

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  1. Tristan says:

    Ha Ha! unreturned copies with zoom in value and social historical interest. What does it mater? Foolish head to not just see a yearbook for what it is. If she’s embarrassed by being exposed for having a school where dope is smoked on the premises, perhaps she should resign?

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