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Bradford’s Rafi Raja hopes to go on Britain’s Got Talent again!

Rafi Raja Britains Got Talent

Rafi Raja on Britain's Got Talent

An entertainer hailing from the city of Bradford has spoke of his experience at this year’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

Rafi Raja, 26, from Girlington, appeared this Saturday night on the ITV talent show in a bid to impress the four judges with his Bollywood dancing.

With his mum, sister, younger brother and two friends in the audience, Rafi performed a charismatic self-taught routine in front of a packed-out crowd.

As the audience watched, Rafi started to dance to a Bollywood song donning glossy pants and a red top.

30 seconds into his dance, judge Alesha Dixon was the first to press the red buzzer, as the other three later followed suit.

Despite all four buzzers being pressed, Rafi put on sunglasses and continued to dance, even to the surprise of hosts Ant and Dec who cheered him on.

Media mogul Simon Cowell pressed Rafi to stop his routine, and when he did, judge David Walliams joked “I think I’d just like to see a bit more dancing before I decide.”

The entertainer didn’t make it through the auditions, and it did come as a surprise.

For the first time after the show was aired, Rafi exclusively told the Yorkshire Standard: “I was surprised I didn’t get through, not because I was confident, but everyone like the contestants and crew told me I would. They really believed in me.

“But before the auditions, I said to myself if I got through it would be good. If I didn’t, then it’d still be good because I have other plans and a few projects in the pipeline.”

Rafi is no stranger to being on the spotlight, and has performed on stage before and has appeared in Bollywood films.

He even runs his own production company and has written his own script for a feature film named Love… It’s Never Easy, a romantic comedy about a long distance relationship between two lovers from Bradford and Birmingham.

Despite being out of the contest, Rafi is still thankful for the experience he had on the show and remains focussed on the future.

He said: “It had been quite a journey to start off with and it was a brilliant experience. Even to get to the judges was a good effort and especially from someone like me from Bradford. But I wanted to go on the show, entertain and have fun. And it was.

“I would like to go back again, especially to see the judges. As I always say… it’s not over, till it’s over.”

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  1. Shabaz hussain says:

    I was at the gym a couple
    Weeks ago in girlington and this guy with a really weird training method was there
    Only me an him were there.. Anyway nxt thing i know hes the guy on BGT!


  2. Miss A says:

    This comment is for the article ‘Exclusive: Bradford’s Rafi Raja hopes to go on Britain’s Got Talent again!’. I was fortunate enough to attend the Birmingham Auditions and realised 5 people who auditioned are known to me. Only Rafi has been shown so far from them all and negative stigma attached to him. Simon never buzzed, it was Amanda who reached out to press his buzzer and this was the last buzzer to go off (BGT online showed Simon presses his buzzer last and on TV they showed David was the last buzzer). The show started off as an act where a lad struggles and then he gets up again, but BGT have shown this wrong. Rafi stopped once the buzzers were pressed, Rafi was told by David that he will have to see more dancing before he can decide and only then Rafi continued, however in BGT it is shown the other way round.

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