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Britain First accused of disrespecting Muslim veteran’s funeral

EXCLUSIVE: Local activists have criticised far-right group Britain First for disrespect after sharing what has now been revealed as a WW2 veteran’s funeral.

Britain First today posted up an image of Muslims praying outside and wrote a caption reading: “MEANWHILE IN BIRMINGHAM….”.

Britain First Muslim Veteran Funeral

Screenshot of the post on 25 March. Image: Facebook.

Some supporters were quick to show outrage, and some even called for “napalm bombs” and “grenades” to be dropped.

Britain First Muslim Veteran Funeral

Britain First Muslim Veteran Funeral

Online activists, including the Exposing Britain First group, quickly found out that the image was taken from a Birmingham Mail story published last month.

It had reported on the funeral of mosque leader Sufi Muhammed Abdullah Khan, who was the founder of the Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Mosque in Birmingham.

The image was reportedly taken by Saqib Ali Attari as thousands paid tribute to the 92-year-old mosque founder, who had also served in the British Indian Army in WW2.

Local Cllr Zafar Iqbal, who is a member of the mosque, told the Birmingham Mail: “He was in the British Indian Army and fought in World War Two. He came to Birmingham in 1962 and immediately started his community work.

“He was a very inspirational man and will be tremendously missed.”

“They say they respect our soldiers”

A spokesperson for Exposing Britain First said: “After a week of bullying people who oppose them, today, Britain First surpassed themselves as supporters of their page said they wanted to drop Napalm on mourners at a WWII veteran’s funeral in Birmingham.

“They say they respect our soldiers – they have no respect for this one – he had brown skin. Comments on that post are horrific, beyond belief at a time of mourning for so many. RIP Sufi Muhammed Abdullah Khan Sir.”

Earlier this month, Britain First faced a backlash after they photoshopped a photo of a Muslim man, who was later revealed to be a Navy veteran. They later removed the image.

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  1. Daniel Briggs says:

    I apologize to the Muslim community of Birmingham for this.

  2. Saskia Willems says:

    typical Britain First behaviour. So ignorant, they have no idea who the real patriots are…

  3. JustMe says:

    The stupidity of Britain First will never cease to amaze me, they talk of gas chambers and napalm, are they really the new Nazi’s?

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