Published On: Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 on 3:47 pm

Britain First accused of duping followers with fake image

EXCLUSIVE: Far-right political group Britain First has been accused of ‘duping’ followers by linking the Labour party in a protest they had no relation to.

Britain First, which has an anti-immigration stance and publicly supports UKIP, posted up an image of protesters holding up a banner that said: “CALAIS MIGRANTS WELCOME HERE!”.

On the top right corner of the image was a logo of the Labour party.

Image: Britain First/Facebook.

Image: Britain First/Facebook.

But online activists, including an online group that Britain First attempted to ‘expose’ this month, named Exposing Britain First, found out that the image was photoshopped and taken from a protest that took place in 2009.

According to Calais Migrant Solidarity, activists had been protesting in response to a “heightened humanitarian crisis in Calais where hundreds of migrants now sleep rough and suffer constant police abuse, after being stopped from entering Britain, and having their homes in Calais bulldozed in September of this year.”

Image: Indymedia.

The logo of the Labour party, photoshopped into the banner and shared by Britain First, was also an old version.

A spokesperson from Exposing Britain First said: “Once again Britain First has misrepresented honest people to score a cheap political point. They photoshopped an image to completely distort its meaning in the hope of duping their followers into believing their lies. Once again Exposing Britain First reveals the truth behind the deception.

“Britain First wouldn’t know the truth if it came over and bit them. They do know how to sell cheap merchandise to the gullible though.”

Britain First have previously been reported for defamation after photoshopping an image of a veteran who was attending an anti-racism rally.

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