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Britain First accused of falsely attributing anti-Muslim quote to Marco Polo

EXCLUSIVE: Far-right political group Britain First has come under fire from local residents after sharing an image of Marco Polo.

Britain First shared an image to over 600,000 supporters yesterday but online activists accused the group of trying to stir up hate.

The image quotes famous explorer Marco Polo stating that “the militant Muslim is the person who beheads the infidel, while the moderate Muslim holds the feet of the victim”.

Britain First Marco Polo

The image shared on 20 March. Image: Britain First/Facebook.

Local residents, including activists from online group Exposing Britain First, were quick to claim the quote was falsely attributed.

According to Scopes, an online site that debunks urban legends and rumours, the quote was never recorded as being said by Marco Polo nor the compiler of his travel tales.

The same site also stated that it had been circulating on the Internet since 2008, particularly on anti-Islam websites.

Some sources that had shared the quote also credited the quote to a professor of philosophy named Dr. M. Sabieski, who has been untraceable.

“Gullible people”

Amina Ali from Leeds said: “The words militant Muslim and moderate Muslim are modern terms so Marco Polo was unlikely to have said this. The number of times the image was shared by people who believed it was true just goes to show how gullible people are.”

Brian May from Bradford added: “If people really thought about Britain coming first then they’d stand up against Britain First by helping Britain be a better place and not divide communities.”

A spokesperson for Exposing Britain First said: “This is typical Britain First misinformation. The use of the Crusades as a justification just isn’t enough for them, they have to make up quotes to attempt to establish a hatred from historical figures that cannot be verified.”

Earlier this month, Britain First faced a backlash after they photoshopped a photo of a Navy veteran. They eventually removed the image.

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  1. Anglojew says:

    Any orthodox Sunni Muslim is a fundamentalist. Moderate Muslims are either heretics or unreligious, in either case not Muslim, but cannot leave Islam due to death for apostates.

    It doesn’t matter what Marco Polo said or didn’t say, what matters are if this sentiment is a truism. Unfortunately it is. There’s no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

    • Sir Legging Bottoms says:

      You say there’s no such thing as a moderate Muslim then say their heretics or unreligious lol. Stop being dumb. And ‘death for apostates’ is interpreted across the scope, I know so many people who were Muslims but left and it didn’t affect them one bit and they are open about it too with their families. People like you just re-enforce the idea that there’s just one mindset but it’s to be expected by people like you who follow a narrow mindset and can’t see big pictures. Good day to you sir.

    • Sir Legging Bottoms says:

      And it DOES matter whether Marco Polo said it or not. It is not acceptable to incite hate through fabrication which is exactly what Britain First did. Britain First lied to its supporters, and if you stick by that then you are just a A grade pr*ck.

  2. Graham says:

    When are our authorities gonna realise that these people are very dangerous? A post I saw by a blog called EDL Review highlighted how some supporters actually agreed with Islamic State when they bombed innocent people!

  3. Saffa says:

    Some knuckle dragging supporters probably thought this guy was the creator of mints – so it had to be true

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