Published On: Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 on 3:17 pm

Britain First accused of ‘money-grubbing’ for selling ‘rip-off’ Yorkshire badges

EXCLUSIVE: Online activists have blasted a British far-right political group for selling over-priced badges in its ‘Patriot Shop’.

Patriot Shop Britain First

The Yorkshire badge as sold by the Patriot Shop.

Britain First, have been accused of ‘money-grubbing’ by local residents and Exposing Britain First, an online group set up in opposition to the group.

The group noticed Britain First selling badges around £4 higher than those seen in a shop named ML Shop, which is based in West Yorkshire.

One item Britain First is selling is the Yorkshire rose emblem badge selling for £4.99 including VAT.

It is around £4 higher than a badge sold by the ML Shop, which currently sells it for 70p on its website.

ML Shop Badges

The Yorkshire badge as sold by the ML Shop.

“I am sure I’m not the only natural-born Tyke to take offence”

A spokesperson for the Exposing Britain First group said: “As a Yorkshireman myself, I not only have pride in my county, but I also know a rip-off price when I see one. It is typical of Britain First to appeal to the well-intentioned patriotic or regional sentiments of people and convert it into money-grubbing profiteering.

“I am sure I’m not the only natural-born Tyke to take offence at the attempt to associate the glorious county of Yorkshire with a racist rag bag ‘army’ of opportunists.”

The ‘Patriot Shop’ is regularly advertised on Britain First’s social networking sites, including sister page America First.

But this is not the first time Britain First’s merchandise and badges have stirred controversy.

Late last year, the group was allegedly investigated after claims it illegally ripped off the Royal family’s St Edward’s Crown to use on its own badge.

The Yorkshire Standard contacted the ‘Patriot Shop’ and is still awaiting a reply.

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