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Britain First advises supporters to avoid Bradford, Dewsbury and all of East London

Britain First Facebook

EXCLUSIVE: Far-right political group Britain First has come under fire for advising its supporters to avoid Bradford, Dewsbury and East London.

A supporter wrote a comment on the Britain First Facebook page asking for names of towns that people can no longer go into ‘cause of the scum’.

The admin of the Britain First Facebook page replied with ‘Bradford, All of East London, Dewsbury, Luton and parts of most major cities’.

The comments were made on 11 December under an image of a Britain First beanie hat.

Britain First Facebook

Exposing Britain First, a Facebook page set up in opposition to the far-right group, believe the ‘scum’ refers to immigrants and the Muslim community who Britain First have been accused of targeting.

A spokesperson for Exposing Britain First said: “A Muslim population of any number is a problem to Britain First. The real question is, why does it matter how high the Muslim or immigrant population of an area is?

“Usually people wouldn’t want to live in a high crime area or a run down area, so why not ask about crime rates, employment opportunities, recreational facilities, schools and economic status of an area?

“Not only did we find the cold hard facts easily enough, but we know people who live in and love Bradford and Dewsbury for diversity and inclusion for which it should be praised.”

Britain First’s Facebook page boasts over 600,000 fans, which makes them more ‘Liked’ on Facebook than any other UK party.

Do you live in any of the areas Britain First mentioned? Do you find their comment distasteful or offensive? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @YStandardOnline.

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  1. Baz says:

    Fantastic, how do I get Armley in Leeds included in this list? We don’t want those BF toerags round here either.

    Being regarded as ‘scum’ by the BF should be a mark of pride – if those vermin don’t like you or where you live, you must be doing something right.

  2. Marieke Giulia Rosa Lucie Aoibheann Olga Miroslava Glynis Irmgard says:

    They are nice but I did not need them to hear about Bradford in France , I am not that crazy neither for East London , Birmingham .. But they are right for some parts of major cities , I guess England is worse than France on that level and as it is very true for French towns , outside the downtown there are some suburbs . It all started out when buildings where built for the growing population and for lower prices , and then , it was French families (with foreign origins or not) with several children but another immigration came from after 60’s when all the former immigrants had integrated and the new ones still not have done though and we welcomed the plus 10 children families of them in those places too so yes let’s have a look to those places now , I advise you not to a Jew and I feel sorry to see how those places became .
    But when I see comments here , I am absolutely not sorry to tell the truth above and now , England is not in the path to resolve few immigration issues .

    Keep thinking immigration is all good for your country , like you chose for immigrants to leave their country so that you have to accept all what they left in your towns . I love difference but not when you touch to mine and the one of the majority for the immigrant , I stand and support the elderlies who wear what they did for decades , but other who always lived in Europe , no excuses …

    Go PEGIDA , Go BF !!!

  3. Mike Diiorio says:

    If BF could stay off the face of the planet that would do all decent people everywhere a huge favour.

  4. Michael-James Ball says:

    I live in Bow, East London. 90% of the folk that live around me are Muslims and good decent hard working people. I find what Britain First have said to be extremely offensive.
    But as said in another comment, if Britain First are telling their supporters not to come to East London, then good on them. We don’t want Britain First or their kind anywhere near East London.

    They are not welcome here.

  5. Clare says:

    Grew up in Bradford and am proud of both my home town and the diverse peoples who call it home.

    But to be honest, if Britain First supporters are being told to stay away, good. Bradford doesn’t need people like that, who can’t recognise the good in others, regardless of their colour, ethnicity, religion or culture.

  6. Mikey Varey says:

    Aww, Britain First are scared because they’ll get battered and they know it.

    • shagbat says:

      You got it right Mike, let ’em march anywhere they want, but with no police protection, they will only do it once and they know it!

  7. Jes says:

    I live in Doncaster but I travel to Bradford and several other towns with a high Asian community.
    I always go to the Asian areas as the atmosphere is good, the shops are different and the food is amazing, it’a almost impossible to get samosa chaat or decent burfi anywhere else.

    With regards to Britain First, as far as I’m concerned I’m glad they recommend staying away from these areas. Why would anyone want them anywhere near. I can add another place they should stay away from, it’s called planet Earth

  8. Anne Llewwllyn says:

    I am from Ilford and I lived in East London for many years. Of course their commments are offensive. I can think of no places worse to live than near any Britain First supporters – narrow minded hate mongering bigots that they are. There is no reason for me to say I had lovely Muslim neighbours – I had lovely neighbours and the fact they were Muslim is irrelevant.

  9. Chris D says:

    Why would anyone take it as an insult that your town is free of BF b******* ? Lucky Bradford, Dewsbury and East London.
    Quite why Leicester didn’t get their blessing I don’t know?
    It could be that we have a lower moron count, as unfortunately every town has them.

  10. Rachel says:

    ‘Parts of most major cities’? I think the real threat to those areas are people akin to Britan First inciting hatred for no reason, making sweeping generalisations on races and religions with no real evidence behnd their bogus statistics. If anything, they’re the ones bringing shame to Britain. ‘Britain’ First, my arse.

  11. h.t says:

    The problem lies in people’s passive attitude to this group. They share images of cute puppies and war veterans to gain ‘likes’. They have no affiliation with any veteran charity and have hijacked the image of the flag, poppy and soldiers to further their racist cause. People need to question their motives and stand up to racism. Bradford and other culturally diverse cities are a credit to the UK. Please do everyone a favour Britain First; dissappear.

  12. Chloe says:

    Find it insulting, I live in Dewsbury and it’s a lovely place to be. Think i’d rather be called a scum than be associated with BF in any way!

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