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Britain First under fire for ‘defaming’ company employees

EXCLUSIVE: Far-right political group Britain First has been accused of ‘defaming’ a UK-based company and its employees.

Britain First

Britain First activists. Image: YouTube.

Britain First, which boasts over 600,000 fans on Facebook, yesterday claimed it knew who was behind an anonymous ‘Exposing Britain First’ group.

The group posted up images of employees who work at a market research company, believing them to be the owners.

Britain First called them a “vile gang of leftwing bigots that love Islam and hate Britain.”

Britain First Defame Employees

Company details have been blurred by the YS. Image: Britain First/Facebook.

The same image was shared by leader of Britain First Paul Golding on his Twitter account.

But local residents and online activists were quick to point out that the images of the individuals were taken from the company’s website.

The company then received threats from Britain First supporters, and was at the time seeking professional advice.

The company wrote on Facebook: “Thank you everybody who has called/messaged/alerted us to the threats against our team and organisation, we are taking professional advice and truly appreciate all the support”.

“Got it wrong”

Exposing Britain First, the group that Britain First attempted to ‘expose’, claim Britain First got it wrong.

A spokesperson told the Yorkshire Standard: “Two weeks ago, a member of Britain First was charged with common assault during their harassment of people who oppose Nigel Farage. They have now encouraged harassment of people who oppose them. People who stand up to them and speak the truth. People who see right through their hate filled money-making schemes.

“But – as is often the case – they got it wrong again. They have published personal details of people who are not related in any way to Exposing Britain First, demonstrating the extreme depths they will stoop to in order to silence us. We have extended our support to all those who have been unwittingly dragged into this which shows us that we must be doing our job properly. We will not stop.”

UPDATE: Britain First removed the image from Facebook but it remains on some affiliated pages and Twitter accounts.

UPDATE: The Yorkshire Standard has removed the name of the company on its request as employees have been threatened. The police are involved.

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  1. chris says:

    How do such rascist scum get air time and social media freedom….something that Britain Doesn’t Want

  2. paul says:

    It boasts 600,000 followers but how many of those are actually legitimate is open to question.

    Exposing Britain First do a good job of highlighting the lies, deception, and to be frank, the complete stupidity of Britain First.

    This doesn’t make them unpatriotic. It doesn’t mean they love Islam any more or less than any other religion. But that is something the hatemongers at BF will never understand .

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