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Bullying victim shares story: ‘I was routinely picked on at school after 9/11’

EXCLUSIVE: A local man who was subject to racist and anti-Muslim abuse when he was young has spoke out about his story.

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Farhad Khan, of Halifax, West Yorkshire, shared his story with the Yorkshire Standard to highlight what he believes are cases of discrimination going unreported in the country.

Farhad went to primary school in Hipperholme. He was the only child who was from a Pakistani origin.

He said: “I was only in year 2 or 3 when taller kids in year 6 started to come up to me, grab me and call me a p***. It happened on a regular basis but I cannot remember a time when the teacher told them off. My mum might’ve complained, but it didn’t seem to do anything.

“I was a quiet young kid, so obviously I had difficulty telling others of my problems.”

Farhad claimed he had difficulties getting into the secondary school he wanted and eventually had to go to a school in Ovenden back in Halifax.

He was again one of the only students in his year who was from a Pakistani origin.

Routinely laughed at and called a terrorist

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place in 2001, Farhad claims he was continuously picked on for the way he looked.

He said: “I was routinely picked on at school after 9/11, laughed at and called a terrorist as well as a suicide bomber. People also laughed at me saying I had a bomb in my bag when I was carrying my PE kit.

“Who gets suspended for saying that? No-one did and I wasn’t going to fight anyone, so I just soaked it in and laughed with them – at myself – because I felt that was the only thing I could do. I didn’t like going to school secretly, it was intimidating.”

Farhad went on to study at sixth form at a different school, went to university and now works a full-time job.

He believes many cases of discrimination go unreported in the UK.

He said: “Cases of discrimination and racism in the UK are often unreported, and I bet there are hundreds who have some story to share like mine. Obviously times have changed now and people have accessible help and services, but people like me suffered in silence and there are probably many out there who probably still are.”

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  1. gerry firth says:

    this is so sad, bullying makes me sick

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