Published On: Thu, Apr 16th, 2015 on 2:29 pm

Burglars strategically marking homes with codes, again

Police have today published a list of coded chalk symbols burglars are using to mark properties while planning raids on homes.

Burglar Code Markings

Image: The Yorkshire Standard.

The symbols, which allow burglars to label an ‘alarmed house’ and a ‘wealthy house’, are etched onto walls, slabs or pavements near the house as thieves decide which properties are worth targeting.

Burglar Code Markings

Image: Lanarkshire Police Division.

Residents are now being urged to look out for the markings, which have been spotted by numerous homeowners in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Although some suggested the markings are a concept of urban legend, one person wrote: “Outside my house just now is a x with a circle round it. My hubby said it was the Virgin Media guys yesterday. I’ve just called them and they know nothing about it. So I’ve called 101 and reported it.”

Last year, local police in West Yorkshire had also published details of codes named the ‘Da Pinci Code’.

The list which is being shared through Lanarkshire, is similar to the list shared in West Yorkshire, but contains more markings.

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