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Cancer fundraiser Jane Tomlinson charity reaches £7.6m milestone

A charity set up in the name of Leeds fundraiser Jane Tomlinson has raised £7.6m, her family have revealed.

Jane Tomlinson

Image: Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal has achieved the milestone having encouraged thousands of people to fundraise in support of various causes nine years since the passing of Mrs Tomlinson.

Mrs Tomlinson was 36 when, in August 2000, she and her family received the news she had terminal breast cancer.

She passed away in 2007 after raising £1.8m for charity through endurance challenges including cycling Rome to Home and running the New York Marathon.

“Death doesn’t arrive with the prognosis”

A spokesperson for the charity said: “One of Jane’s motives was to show that people with a terminal prognosis can still lead an active and fruitful life, and proclaimed: “Death doesn’t arrive with the prognosis.

“She proved true to her word and with her uncompromising drive, unwavering determination and supreme bravery Jane provided true inspiration and genuine hope to a great many people.

“Jane and her family knew her time was limited and so in 2007 launched Run For All and the Leeds 10K, the first in a series of events to be launched over the next few years to stand as Jane’s legacy.”

Jane’s eldest daughter Suzanne said: “I think it’s just amazing that we’ve reached this figure in such a short space of time. It’s a huge amount that it is possible to do so much with.

“We can help so many people who need support, whether that’s dealing with an illness, a family member who is not well, or someone going through a bereavement.”

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