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Claims of poisoned dog at Ogden Water sparks controversy

EXCLUSIVE: Claims of a dog poisoned at Ogden Water in Halifax has sparked controversy on social media.

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Posts of a Labrador being poisoned so badly it suffered seizures had been shared on social media and one post was shared over 1,000 times, the Yorkshire Standard can reveal.

After the posts were shared, some dog owners said they would not being visiting the reservoir again.

The post read: “We have recently discovered that she was poisoned. It left her having seizures so bad that she had to be in hospital for a week, she was also very sick and suffered with blisters in her mouth. She has now been left with kidney damage and will have to take tablets every day for the rest of her life because of the fitting.

“This is how serious it can be. I have never seen anything so awful happen to an animal. We feel very lucky to still have her in our family as she’s absolutely adored and I’m sure u would say the same about urs. Another man in our village took his dog to Ogden and he wasn’t as lucky, unfortunately they lost their beautiful family dog.”

The post then claims that people are “putting poison in bits of food and scattering it around the reservoir”.

However, Ogden Water made an announcement saying it has seen “no suspicious activity around the reservoir and cannot confirm or deny these incidents took place.”

It read: “To date we have seen no suspicious activity around the reservoir and cannot confirm or deny these incidents took place. We are contacting those who put up the posts so we can gain more information. There have been similar posts put onto other websites/social media in the last few months, all following the same line of one dog being very ill and a friends dog dying from suspected poisoning.

“Being onsite almost every day last week and seeing lots of people around with dogs, including our regular walkers who all take differing routes around the reservoir and the woodlands, not one of these have reported anything out of the ordinary.

“As the incidents in the reports occured almost 2 weeks ago (in one case) there have been no phone calls, emails or visits from them about an incident occuring. We believe that if a dog became ill after visiting Ogden Water, and the cause of the illness could be identified as being sourced there, that owner would have made contact with us so we could have warned others, but nothing has been heard yet.”

Visitors have been reminded that they can report anything suspicious to either the visitor centre, by emailing or call 01422 249136.

The Yorkshire Standard has attempted to get in touch with the person who complained about the dog, and is awaiting a reply.

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  1. jane says:

    It has been reported and they have rung ogden water numerous times. Also confirmed off environmental health that poison was found.

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