Published On: Mon, Apr 7th, 2014 on 4:36 pm

Concern as faith healer posts flyers through Bradford letterboxes

Funny Faith Healer

The leaflet that has been dropped through Bradford letterboxes

A self-proclaiming faith healer has been leafleting in Bradford recently, claiming he has the power to help people from magic, depression and money problems using his knowledge from ‘seven oceans away’.

The leaflets have been dropped through household letterboxes, and even say that lottery cruel lovers can be “brought to their knees” through the advice of a healer who goes by the name of Mr Bangali.

Such faith healers, who claim to work for free, have gained increasing criticism from Bradford residents.

One person on Facebook wrote that “these guys are total and complete con-artists,” whilst another added that “they ruin people’s life.”

Another wrote that “people will end up at his door as they all tend to blame black magic for anything bad that happens to them.”

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