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Cowboy roofers targeting elderly householders in West Yorkshire

Roofer West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire Trading Standards has warned of roofers targeting elderly householders and persuading them to pay thousands for work that is either unnecessary or sub-standard.

The warning comes on the back of complaints to the Trading Standards after householders took up offers from glossy leaflets delivered through doors promising new uPVC fascia and guttering for a few hundred pounds, all backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Householders who took up these offers were told their roofs needed urgent and extensive work to replace the rotten felting and wooden battens.

The work was quoted at thousands of pounds and the trader wanted to start immediately.

Head of Trading Standards, David Lodge, said: “My advice to homeowners wanting to invest substantial sums in home improvements, is to choose roofers very carefully. They should also insist on written contracts detailing works to be carried out.

“Substantial advance cash payments should be avoided and professional advice should be sought where appropriate.”

Recently, an elderly Leeds resident agreed to the fitting of plastic caps to tiles on his roof, originally quoted as £230.

The roofer then raised it to £850, and then to £6,500 to replace allegedly rotten battens supposedly found whilst working on the roof.

The majority of contracts for work over £170 made in homes can be cancelled and current consumer protection legislation has raised the cancellation period to 14 days. But consumers should be wary of being asked to sign to agree that the work commences immediately.

Members of the public who are contemplating roofing work have also been urged to identify reputable traders by asking for and checking written references and contacting reputable trade organisations.

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