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Creative graduation cake sold in aid of Gaza relief

Graduation Cake Nabeela Imam

Nabeela Imam with the graduation cake

Graduation Cake Nabeela Imam

A close-up of the cake

Graduation Cake Nabeela ImamGraduation Cake Nabeela Imam

A computer-themed graduation cake has gone under the hammer and been sold in aid of emergency relief to Gaza.

Nabeela Imam, who is a graduate from the University of Bradford, made the cake as part of a pass-time interest.

She specialises in wedding cakes and floral decorations, but had to do something different to meet the request of someone who wanted a graduation-themed cake.

Ms Imam told the Yorkshire Standard: “The challenge in making it was mainly the time, as it took around two days to make. But it was easy to make and when I shared it on social media, the response was great.”

The whole cake is edible, including the computer mouse, the sticky note, the mortarboard and degree. Even the green computer design at the front of the cake was made on rice paper with edible ink.

But the buyer later cancelled the order because he was observing the Islamic month of Ramadan, so Ms Imam decided to let people bid for the cake in aid of charity.

The bidding lasted a day and a half, with the highest bid going to someone for around £40.

Now all proceedings will go towards Islamic Relief’s emergency relief aid in Gaza, where the death toll continues to rise amidst the current conflict.

Ms Imam added: “I chose Islamic Relief because they have had an office in Gaza since 1998 and I have also volunteered for them, as well as a Cakes4Syria campaign. It’s pleasing to see there are lots of people raising money to help those in need, and I’m happy I helped too.”

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