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Crowd gathers to honour Prophet and counter Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Our Prophet Our Honour Bradford

A placard at the event. Image: Yorkshire Standard.

A public gathering has taken place in Bradford’s City Park by members of the Muslim community in an effort to dispel myths about their faith.

Dozens showed up to the event today in an effort to highlight who the Islamic Prophet Muhammed was and why he is important to Muslims across the world.

The event took place in response to French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which published cartoons depicting Muhammed.

The French government granted nearly €1 million to support the magazine and over five million copies of the magazine were reportedly sold.

Our Prophet Our Honour Bradford

Image: Yorkshire Standard.

“You can stand for your values”

Organiser of the event, Arfan Hussain, said: “After the publishing of the cartoons, there has been an atmosphere of fear and silence, also due to the government policies and the government’s response to the cartoons.

“What we’ve done is reassert confidence to show to the Muslim community – you can stand for your values, you can stand for the honour of the Prophet, and not be silent by the atmosphere that exists.”

Bradford’s City Park was the centre of another event on 18 January when residents, including local politicians, voiced outrage after Charlie Hebdo made the move to print the cartoons.

A vigil also took place at the same place on 10 January, three days after gunmen stormed Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people.

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