Published On: Sat, Feb 7th, 2015 on 1:13 pm

Dashcam vigilante shaming Bradford’s bad drivers on YouTube

A mysterious YouTuber is using his dashcam to shame drivers who are making mistakes on the road.

Dashcam Vigilante Bradford

Image: checkyourdriving/YouTube.

Under the alias ‘Check Your Driving,’ the YouTuber is shaming drivers who are too lazy to indicate to others, making dangerous cuts and turns, going through red lights, and even texting behind the wheel.

“Do you wonder why the reputation of bad driving in Bradford is well known”

The majority of videos are captured in the city of Bradford.

The YouTuber even wrote in one video: “do you wonder why the reputation of bad driving in Bradford is well known with IDIOTS LIKE THIS ON THE ROAD”.

The channel, which has been active since 2010 and has over 80,000 views, shows no sign of stopping with the last video uploaded only one day ago.

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  1. drivershaming says:

    More people all over the world need to get involved in this initiative!

  2. harry giles says:

    hey mate, any chance you can come to huddersfield and drive around here? we need some people exposing lol

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