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Deformed dog makes recovery after Samaritan refuses to let him be put down

EXCLUSIVE: An American Bull X Staff who was found deformed has made a swift recovery, thanks to a Samaritan who refused to let him be put down.

Tyson Deformed Dog Recovery

Tyson before (left), Tyson now (right).

12-week-old Tyson was taken in after being found buried inside deep snow on Leeds Road, Bradford, on 17 January last month.

He was taken in and an appeal was posted up online for somebody to transport him to the vets then to the kennels.

Vicky Holroyd from Leeds, who is an administrator for Yorkshire Animals Lost & Found, offered to help transport him because she had a microchip scanner.

“It was clear this boy’s legs weren’t right”

She said: “It was clear this boy’s legs weren’t right and I took him straight to the vets to make sure his legs weren’t broken. They confirmed they weren’t and wanted to put him to sleep.

“I told them not a chance so I brought him home with me. I spoke with wardens and got a retainer on him. We named him Tyson as we couldn’t keep calling him puppy. Nobody ever reported him as lost so he has stayed with me since.”

Tyson weighed less than 7kg when he was found and was diagnosed with Carpal Laxity Syndrome, a condition that can cause lameness and walking difficulties due to poor nutrition.

His condition has improved greatly with treatments under the ownership of Vicky and he now weighs 16.2kg.

“He’s home where he belongs”

Vicky said: “Tyson has improved a lot and is now able to walk without knuckling over as he used to before. The vet can’t believe how well he has improved over a short space of time.

“He is a very much-loved family pet now. We wouldn’t be anywhere without him including his brother and sister, my German Shepherd and Akita, who have taken him under their wing. He’s home where he belongs.”

Tyson has a funding page in which proceedings go towards his vets, food and toys. You can find it at

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