Published On: Thu, Mar 26th, 2015 on 3:30 pm

Dirty tricks used by pickpockets and thieves on the rail network revealed

The most common tricks used by thieves on rail services have been shared as part of a British Transport Police (BTP) Day of Action.

Pickpocket Tactics

Image: British Transport Police.

Officers are helping train passengers keep safe and further reduce theft as part of Operation Magnum, which will see officers deter pickpockets who prey on victims at busy stations, thieves who snatch expensive phones and those who steal luggage and valuables on trains.

Videos have also been shared by the BTP showing passengers the most common tricks thieves use, which also includes information on how to stay safe while travelling.

Superintendent Jason Bunyard, leading Operation Magnum, said: “Thefts on the rail network are very rarely opportunistic; they are committed by determined thieves whose sole intention is to steal from other passengers.

“While crime on the rail network is down for the 10th successive year, theft of passenger property is an issue, particularly as a lot of the travelling public now carry high-tech devices.”

To watch the videos and see the guides, please visit

To report an incident on the railway call 0800 40 50 40. In an emergency dial 999.

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