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Forgetful drug dealer busted after leaving case of cannabis on Leeds train

A drug dealer who left his suitcase containing over £5,000 worth of cannabis on a train at Leeds station has been jailed for 12 months.

Drugs Suitcase Leeds Train

The suitcase. Image: British Transport Police.

Tomasz Tyszka, 31, of Raby Road, Doncaster, was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on 6 February, after pleading guilty to possession of drugs with intent to supply.

He was arrested on 19 September last year when he realised he had left his case on the train and returned to collect it.

An overwhelmingly strong smell of cannabis

Rail staff cleaning the train discovered a large suitcase left in a luggage storage rack.

When they checked inside to see if they could determine the case’s owner, they discovered two vacuum-sealed packages and noticed an overwhelmingly strong smell of cannabis.

Officers from the British Transport Police (BTP) were called and as they attended, Tyszka returned to collect his case.

He was subsequently arrested and searched where he was found to be in possession of two large bundles of over £5,000 in cash.

An examination determined that the two packages inside the suitcase were cannabis with a street value of over £5,000.

Tyszka was charged with possession with intent to supply.

“Drugs will not be tolerated anywhere on the rail network”

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Constable Tom Eastwood said: “Drugs wreck lives, so it is pleasing to see a dealer behind bars. Tyszka has learnt the hard way that carrying or dealing drugs on the transport network is not acceptable.

“Drugs will not be tolerated anywhere on the rail network and officers will do everything in their power to bring prosecutions against those concerned with the supply of drugs.”

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