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Dynamo says ‘all will be revealed’ after Shard stunt

Dynamo Shard Stunt

Dynamo appears to levitate over the famous Shard

Dynamo has told fans ‘all will be revealed’ after being rumbled by critics who said they could see wires in his latest stunt.

The Bradford-born magician recently shocked passer-bys as he appeared to levitate above the Shard, an iconic landmark in London.

Dynamo, whose real name is Stephen Frayne, was soon rumbled by fans on social networking site Twitter after they claimed they spotted him using support wires.

‘Er, not much of a levitation illusion if you can see the wires,’ wrote one user, who also posted a picture reportedly showing the wires.

When questioned on television, Dynamo said the picture circulating on the internet was from an earlier rehearsal when he had to wear a safety line.

He said: “The picture is only half the tale. When you watch the show you’ll see the whole story.

“The picture is from an earlier rehearsal where I had a safety cord because it was so windy… I went up higher than that and that wouldn’t have been possible with the wire method.”

It is now believed the truth will be revealed in the first episode of his TV show Magician Impossible that starts on 4 September.

He has tweeted: ‘Loving the speculation about yesterdays #Shard levitation-although things aren’t always as they seem ;) All will be revealed #WIRES #Sept4th’

Dynamo is renowned for performing a number of tricks on members of the public and has also tricked big-name celebrities such as Rio Ferdinand, Will Smith and One Direction.

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  1. katie says:

    magic is fake so even if he did use wires or not, something was done

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