Published On: Sat, Jan 31st, 2015 on 12:22 pm

eBay buyer shocked to pay for refund when seller delivers dirty boots

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eBay Boots

Inside Zoe’s parcel.

EXCLUSIVE: A Leeds resident has found dirty boots in her delivery parcel, different to the ‘very good condition’ boots she ordered on eBay.

Zoe Webb paid £7.50 plus £5.50 for postage of the item, but was shocked when the parcel arrived.

eBay Boots

The items as advertised on eBay.

The boots advertised by the seller were described as used but ‘Very Good Condition Leather EMU Black Wedge Heel Tan/Brown Boots Size 4’.

It did however, mention a tag missing and a ‘few scuffs here and there’. But none of the scuffs were shown, according to Zoe.

She said: “This is false advertising.

“And I think the buyer didn’t taken any pictures of them on purpose, even though she claimed she had no boot stands to picture it. I seemed to have managed doing it.”

The seller of the boots wrote on the listing that the buyer pays for the return postage and the purchase can be cancelled in 14 days.

Zoe said: “It upsets me that the buyer wants me to return at a cost to me and she also won’t return my initial postage so I am out by £11 with nothing.

“They are horrible. I wanted them for work but I cannot wear these.

“But that’s life with eBay sometimes your item goes for what you think it should and sometimes it doesn’t.”

13 bids were made on the item.

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