Published On: Sun, Aug 10th, 2014 on 5:33 pm

EDL and We Are Batley demos end with no arrests

EDL Batley Protest

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Over 200 English Defence League (EDL) protestors have held their first-ever event in Batley.

Protestors from across the country arrived to the town on 9 August and headed towards Wellington Street car park, shortly before gathering and chanting at pubs and a local working men’s club.

Participants, opposing the growing influence of Islam’ in the country, waved St George’s and Israeli flags whilst speeches were made.

Up to 80 to 100 demonstrators staged a ‘We Are Batley’ counter-protest on the same day.

Meetings were held to oppose the EDL’s plan around one month ahead of the EDL protest by members of the community.

Both demonstrations passed off peacefully with the EDL demonstration finishing at 2.30pm with Batley square cleared and returning to normal by 3pm.

There were no reported arrests made at the demonstration.

Superintendent Ged McManus of Kirklees Police, said: “The events have passed off with very few issues and that has been helped by the behaviour of local residents who have not got involved and left managing the events to the police and colleagues at Kirklees Council.

“Demonstrators have the right to protest and we have to facilitate that right, but both the police and council have worked hard to minimise disruption to residents.”

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