Published On: Thu, Nov 6th, 2014 on 12:52 pm

EDL to hold dual-demo in Leeds and Rotherham

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EDL Grooming Gangs

The English Defence League (EDL) will be staging a protest in Leeds to highlight what it believes is an ‘escalating problem of grooming gangs’ in Yorkshire.

On 8 November, protestors plan to arrive at around 11am in Leeds city centre, make speeches, then travel to Rotherham for the second part of the demo.

Two Yorkshire regional organisers, Gail Speight and Ian Crossland, are planning the demonstrations.

They said: “The reason behind the demo is the cover up of grooming cases in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. The police, social services and council have all failed the victims and survivors. They have allowed the grooming to continue due the the perpetrators being Pakistani Muslim’s and scared of been accused of been racist.

“Most cases, the girls were taken from South Yorkshire to West Yorkshire to be drugged, raped and in some cases tortured, passed round family and friends and not by one man a night sometimes anything up to 20 to 30 men a night. Nothing was done for these children.”

An independent inquiry into child sexual abuse in Rotherham, led by Professor Alexis Jay OBE, estimated that over 1,400 children had been sexually abused in the town between 1997 and 2013, predominantly by British-Pakistani men.

The inquiry also noted the case of eight men who were tried at Sheffield Crown Court for a series of sexual offences. Five of them, who had abused girls as young as twelve, were convicted and jailed in 2010.

Rotherham Child Exploitation 2010

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) also plan to hold counter-protests against the EDL the same day.

They will gather in All Saints Square, Rotherham, and Briggate, Leeds.

Mick Hooson, spokesperson for the Leeds UAF, said: “Leeds UAF condemn the decision by the English Defence League (EDL) to come to Leeds on 8 November. We believe it is a cynical attempt by the EDL to use the appalling crime of child sexual exploitation to further its own selfish ends.

“We support and seek justice for all victims of sexual exploitation regardless of their social or ethnic background. We condemn and seek prosecution of all those responsible for these crimes irrespective of their ethnicity or creed.

“We reject the attempt by the EDL to whip up racism and division in our city by trying to turn communities against each other without a care for the damage it leaves in its wake.”

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Hasan Faridi

- Hasan is the founder and editor-in chief of the Yorkshire Standard. A BA Hons graduate from the University of Huddersfield, he has over four years of experience in newspapers, magazines and radio.

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  1. Carlton says:

    Pete that your opinion and in a free democratic country, with free speech the edl are allowed there voice to be heard. I have not seen you condemning the violence caused on Wednesday night in Westminster by the group anonymous and Russell brand. In this country they have free speech. Anonymous are not peaceful while edl demos if you look mainly go without trouble.

  2. Pete says:

    EDL are cretin and should be banned from all marches. Waste of taxpayer £££ to keep these dogs in control in their pen

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