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Estimated 5,000 people protest for Palestine in Bradford

Bradford Palestine Protest
Bradford Palestine Protest

Taken at a Bradford Palestine protest last year.

Bradford Palestine Protest
Bradford Palestine Protest
Bradford Palestine Protest
Bradford Palestine Protest George Galloway
Bradford Palestine ProtestBradford Palestine ProtestBradford Palestine ProtestBradford Palestine ProtestBradford Palestine ProtestBradford Palestine Protest George Galloway

Around 5,000 people have demonstrated en masse at Bradford’s City Park in response to attacks by Israel on Palestine.

Held on 13 July, pro-Palestinian protestors gathered to show their solidarity with the victims of violence committed by the Israeli government and forces.

Bradford councillors from different political parties showed their support, as well as local charities who collected donations.

Respect party leader, George Galloway MP, addressed the gathering and spoke about the ‘biased’ reportage of events amidst the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, saying the mainstream media “is full of lies.”

He added that: “The BBC has brought disgrace on this country by its twisted, rotten and lying coverage of events in Gaza this week, the last week and for the last 50 years.”

He also declared he would not fear to stop paying his TV licence fee in protest at the BBC’s coverage, and also questioned the lack of action taken by major political party leaders, leaders of the Arab world and the Pakistani government.

Rabbis from the Neturei Neturei Karta International group also visited Bradford to address the crowd, and said Muslims and Jews can live together in peace. It was later followed by crowd chants of “free free Palestine”.

The organiser of the event, who requested not to be named, told the Yorkshire Standard: “The event was primarily to raise awareness about what’s happening in Gaza. The conflict is ongoing, its one-sided, and women and children are also dying.

“Standing there isn’t going to stop the war, so we wanted to do our bit and also get politicians involved. Everyone’s aware of the war, but perhaps people aren’t aware of what they can do about it.”

Some onlookers told event organisers that they hadn’t ever seen a protest “this big” in West Yorkshire ever before.

The demonstration remained peaceful throughout.

According to eye-witnesses, one person threw a rock at the Magistrates’ Court before running away.

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  1. Khalid khan says:

    When will the next protest be in Bradford ?

  2. Aje says:

    There’s always that ‘one person’.

    Apart from that a peaceful event with so many angery people. There was a great turnout of all cultures, religious, and various individuals from within the Asian community.

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