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Ex-con reveals how he got into drug-dealing at 15 by working for Bradford dealers

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EXCLUSIVE: An ex-convict from Bradford who spent time in jail for drug-dealing has shared his story with the Yorkshire Standard.

The man, who requested not to be named for his safety, was brought up in the Girlington area and started selling drugs whilst at college after mixing up with the wrong group of friends.

He said he was first offered to bag drugs for dealers, including Class A, and used to get around £30 plus a hotel to do it in.

He said: “15 years old with a hotel room and £30, I thought I was a boss, but little did I know everyday we were bagging four and a half ounces of crack and smack poison. The sharks, the dealers, knew we were the right kettle of fish, cheap and fast.

“We found it cool but all we were doing was preparing poison whilst breathing it in and letting it seep in through our pores.”

The man, who went from bagging drugs to become a dealer himself, claims to have witnessed people getting beaten up, and said he was bottled in the head that left him scars.

Dealers would supposedly make use of the younger generation who would help ‘reload’ and ‘stash’ for them, and they would use techniques to avoid getting caught.

He said: “They make youngers hold down things. The most vulnerable are school leavers in year 10 and 11. Dealers also use runners and only answer calls leaving them behind a curtain of “immunity” in terms of evidence.”

In 2012, the man was jailed for drug-related offences after undercover officers arrested him at his house in Bradford, it is claimed.

He said: “I woke up with my mother and sister screaming and someone in my house aggressively shouting. I thought hold on I’m the mack, who dares barge into my house upsetting my honour.

“But in the end all I got was a crying mother and a jail sentence. My mum always told me not to do bad things and when the detectives were escorting me out my mother didn’t even want to look at me.

“Finally I felt some empathy for victims of robberies committed by drug users. I felt helpless.”

The ex-con did a course in college from prison and was released early due to good behavior in November 2014. He is still on conditions.

He claims to have become a new person and has prevented local kids from pursuing the life of crime.

He said: “Kids, take it the easy way and stay away from drugs. It’s the gateway to hell. Spend more time on sports like boxing, MMA and Taekwondo.

“A man is who can provide for his loved ones, who can protect his loved ones. A coward is who is always looking over his shoulder and takes advantage of someone’s weakness and drug addiction is a massive weakness.

“Never take advantage of someone for one day, karma will hit you where the sun don’t shine.”

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