Published On: Sat, Feb 14th, 2015 on 1:27 pm

Facebook page gets 70,000 Likes by writing ‘giggity, giggity, goo’

EXCLUSIVE: A woman from Halifax, West Yorkshire, was shocked when she checked a Facebook fan page she made over four years ago.

Nicola Williams from Halifax, West Yorkshire, checked back on the page she made in 2010 named “you’re drunk!”….“you’re sexy”, and was shocked to find nearly 80,000 fans.

Youre Drunk Youre Sexy

Image: Facebook.

The page was set up as a fan page for Family Guy character Stewie Griffin, who made the phrase in one of the cartoon episodes.

But the only post on the Facebook page was written on 2 June 2010, and read: “giggity, giggity, goo”.

“Eventually I just stopped checking”

Nicola said: “I only made the group because that’s what people were doing at the time and that Family Guy quote made me laugh.

“It started off quite slow and eventually I just stopped checking but four years down the line I had a look and I was gobsmacked.

“I felt awesome, as I’d never have believed something I made on Facebook could travel that far. It’s an example of how something you put on the internet can spread and although it’s pretty amazing it just shows how careful you need to be about what you’re putting online too.”

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